How To Maintain The Floor Drainage System In Your House


The most overlooked plumbing problem in indoors is the floor drainage. You may not even know the importance of a perfect floor drainage system for your home. This is because we cannot avoid the use of showers and bathtubs and while using, they flush out the water with the help of surface and if the surface is leaky, then it may cause problems to other rooms attached to it. Especially the floors down to it like a garage, laundry rooms, driveways, etc. may get severely attacked by this. So, how can you keep perfect floor drainage is our topic of discussion today. So let’s have a look into it!

Tips To Maintain The Indoor Floor Drainage System

You can easily avoid any uncertain situations that can be caused by floor drainage problems. Yes, only by following these simple tips, you can ascertain a well-maintained floor surface to let the drainage perfect.

Fill Traps Often

Traps are installed in the drainage system to prevent the gases and odors of the sewers and thereby control the water to flow inside your home. This is because whether it be indoor or outdoor drains, it captures the water flow of toilets, sinks, washing machines, etc. So, it is important to fill the traps always regularly so that it can function properly. You can just pour water of about a gallon down each of the floor drains of your home so that the trap can maintain the barrier-forming between your sewer system and home.

Clear Clogs Immediately

Many times, different types of dirt and debris can block the floor drainage system which eventually causes you many severe problems such as floods, etc. Hence, you need to clear the blocks immediately to ensure a perfect water flow of the sewage. You can use some strong pumps to clear the plunger of minor clogs. Also, in case of a major one, you can use vinegar or baking soda on the drain.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Last but not least, it is important to clean the drains in a regular interval. You can use liquid drain cleaners to clean if it has not been done for a long time. You can also call for a professional plumber near Lake Bluff to ensure a perfect cleaning of your drainage system. A professional plumber helps you to get the right time to clean the drains.

Being a responsible household, you need to ensure a perfect floor drainage system either by taking proper care of it or by calling a professional plumber in Lake Bluff.

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