How to Repair A Refrigerator Near Tampa Florida


Servicing the refrigerator keeps the appliance running efficiently. Maintenance operations are quite simple and infrequent and perhaps, for this reason, they are often forgotten. In this article, we give you some tips to keep your refrigerator efficient by optimizing consumption and quality of the appliance.

Remove the dust

Dust is one of the main causes of refrigerator inefficiency. The air currents generated by the condenser carry the dust right behind the mechanical elements with the risk of creating complications in the system. It is, therefore, a good idea to keep the refrigerator clean and the environment in which it is stored, the walls and the floor below, to avoid the accumulation of dust. You can opt for the Refrigerator Repair Tampa FL for this task.

 Cleaning the coil

Cleaning the coil behind the fridge is another maintenance operation. The coil allows the exchange of heat with the external environment, it is, therefore, necessary that it is always clean. As the months’ pass, accumulations of dust that hinder heat exchange can accumulate on the coil. This operation must always be carried out with the refrigerator switched off and without using liquids. A cloth is sufficient to remove dust.

Cleaning the gaskets

To guarantee the hermetic closure of the refrigerator door it is advisable to clean the gaskets with a certain frequency, at least once a month. The cleaning of the gaskets is a very simple operation, it takes a few minutes, but also very important.

The impurities deposited on the gaskets can cause the escape of cold air and increase the energy consumption of the appliance. Failure to hermetically close the door also causes ice to form inside the refrigerator. To check the condition of the gaskets it is sufficient to pass a sheet of paper between the fridge and the gasket when the door is closed.

If the sheet does not pass the gasket is hermetic and safe. Otherwise, if the sheet passes below the seal, it is very likely that it has deteriorated and it is necessary to contact a technician to replace it.

Internal cleaning of the refrigerator

Internal cleaning of the refrigerator is another very important operation for the proper maintenance of the refrigerator. In addition to avoiding the blockage of the ducts that guarantee the conveyance of the defrost water, the internal cleaning of the refrigerator is a necessary practice also for hygienic reasons. The deterioration of food can promote the growth of mold and colonies of bacteria even inside the refrigerator.

It is advisable to use cleaning products specifically designed for the refrigerator. The use of unsuitable cleaning products could worsen safety and hygiene as the chemicals would remain inside the refrigerator and even contaminate food. In case of doubt, it is preferable to use water and vinegar to clean the refrigerator. Internal refrigerator cleaning should be done with the refrigerator switched off.

Remove the ice

The accumulation of ice on the refrigerator walls creates an insulating layer that increases the electrical consumption of the appliance and reduces the internal space available for storing food. The ice can be removed with the refrigerator off with a rag or sponge soaked in hot water and never by force or with the use of sharp instruments. It is advisable to completely empty the refrigerator.

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