Everything you need to Know about Leather Sofas


Leather sofas are durable, versatile, and stylish. They are the best pieces you can think of to demonstrate a complicated and lavish style of your home. To get more thrill from your leather sofas, it is important to dig more info about them. This will also be crucial in maintaining and increasing the value they bring into your life. Here is everything you need to know about quality leather sofas.

Demystifying the Leather Used on Leather Sofas

The leather used on sofas is natural and derived from animal hides. This means that it will always have the original marks of the origin. If you take a closer look, some leather will feature hair pore structure, scratches, fibre density, and growth marks. These qualities add to the leather’s thrill and are not considered reflections of quality.

Before being used to make real leather sofas, animal hides are tanned and graded by manufacturers. If the leather used is of high quality, the price of the sofa will also be high.

A Closer Look at Leather Sofa Upholstery

To make a tan leather sofa, the hide is soaked in chemicals that help to remove the hair follicles. The chemicals also make the hide to swell reaching a thickness of about 8 millimeters. Then, it is split into several layers. The outer layer is the most valuable.

The outer layer is treated further and graded based on the degree of blemishes on its surface. The leather with fewer or no blemishes is considered clean and is used for quality leather sofas. Those with a higher degree of blemishes are used for low-cost furniture and other non-furniture items.

Leather Sofas and Durability

The fact that leather sofas are designed using quality leather means that they are designed to last. In some cases, leather sofas have been used for hundreds of years in different situations. This is one of the reasons why you will find quality leathers in hospital beds, massage parlors, and high-end hotels. However, the element of durability does not depend only on leather. To know if a sofa is of high quality, make sure to also look for the following:

  • Sturdy frame construction.

  • Firm joints.

  • Right cushioning.

  • Use of quality wood.

Maintaining Leather Sofas

One of the primary reasons why people buy leather sofas is the ease of maintenance. Unlike the fabric sofas, sofas made using sofas only require wiping with a damp cloth to restore their original allure. Here are other tips for maintaining your leather Chesterfield sofa in top condition:

1. Clean the leather sofa regularly: To maintain the leather in top condition, you only need to clear the dirt when it attaches on the surface. It is advisable to use clean water and a damp cloth to clean the leather parts. Make sure to avoid using all-purpose wipes and sprays because they can damage it.

2. Condition the leather regularly: As a natural material, leather has natural oils that require regular replenishment. Therefore, you should treat it using leather protection cream. The condition helps to re-fortify the leather so that it maintains a natural outlook.

3. Position the leather away from direct sunlight and heat: If you keep the leather sofa in direct sunshine, the radiation can cause dryness and crack. Therefore, it important to keep it away from hot surfaces or sources of heat such as fireplace and air conditioning units.

The Final Take

If you want to get more from your leather sofa, it is important to understand the mechanics that go into designing and creating it. This post has demonstrated how leather is prepared and why leather sofas guarantee high quality. With a leather Chesterfield sofa, you can never go wrong.

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