How to Tell If You Have Pests Living In Your Walls


If you hear scratching within your walls at night then we have great news for you. Your house isn’t haunted! But the bad news? You probably have pests living in your walls. Hearing noises in your home is a big sign there’s a pest problem present. So, how can you tell for sure what’s going on.

Common Signs of Pests Infesting Walls

Scratching noises are the biggest sign of pests like mice in the walls. Noting what time you hear the sounds most can help you to find out what pests you have got on your hands.

Rodents like rats and mice come out mostly at night. Once the sun sets, if you start hearing the scratching noises you’ve probably got a rodent problem. Squirrels can also be a rodent problem that will fester in your walls, but this pest is more active during the day.

As well as hearing noises in your walls there are a few other signs that are clear indicators of pests camping out in your home. These include:

  • Seeing droppings on the floor.
  • Actually seeing the physical presence of the pest.
  • Signs of gnawing. Rodents like to keep their teeth down so they will chew on things like wood to do so.
  • A strong smell of urine that they leave wherever they go.

Next Steps If You Have Pests in Your Walls

Removing any pests from your walls is something you shouldn’t try to do yourself. For this, you need the help of an expert. A fully trained specialist like Diamond Pest Control will be able to assess your particular situation. If you live in London, they can tailor the treatment to your needs. However, there are things you can do to prevent pests from getting into your walls in the first place.

  • Pests will be attracted to a stable water source, so make sure any leaks or drips around the home or garden are fixed.
  • Look for holes or entry points around your home so you can seal them before a pest uses it.
  • Keep your garden free of clutter and clean out your drains on a regular basis.
  • Plants and trees should be cut back away from the house. Any foliage or trees that touch the house can provide easy access for a rodent, especially squirrels.
  • Pets shouldn’t be fed or given a drink outside. If they are, remove it once they’re finished.
  • Keep your home tidy by disposing of food waste and properly storing leftovers.

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