Important Information about Landlord Multi Property Insurance


Multi property landlord insurance is insurance that can be tailored to fit your insurance needs. This insurance is often referred to as:

  • Landlord of multiple properties
  • Landlord has multiple rental properties
  • Landlord building insurance for multiple properties
  • Multi landlord house insurance


Having multi-property landlord insurance has the benefit of helping you in protecting your investments that you have put time and money into. And in most cases with this type of insurance, you will in the long run be saving money. It is often referred to as insurance on your portfolio of real estate business. You can go to to learn more and even get a quote. By having your portfolio of all landlord property under one large policy it is easier to deal with when there are problems requiring claims as well as making only one premium payment.

What is covered?

This insurance with the understanding that none of these properties is the home residence of the owner but each property is leased or rented to a 3rd party. This protection covers:

  • Financial protection of buildings
  • Contents of buildings
  • Contents of outbuildings on the property
  • Any fencing

This also covers any machinery or equipment used for keeping the building cool or warm as well as water systems. Most of these types of policy also cover:

  • Loss of rent
  • Protection of income
  • Medical protection if someone is injured on the property

Also covers

A landlord insurance policy for multi-property can be to ensure residential, commercial, or a combination of both. Covers these properties in case of:

  • Fire
  • Acts of nature
  • Flood
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

Most will also include both legal as well as public liability coverage to aid in protection when there is a problem or dispute with a 3rd party.

If you are a landlord of multi properties it is vital to have some type of protection such as this.

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