Common Tools To Use In Furniture Refinishing


Refinishing old furniture is an economical way to give life into old yet functional furnishings. Before starting on your job, see to it that you have the proper supplies. There is nothing like starting on a huge project and stopping from time to time to run to the store with the missing tool.

After you clean the furniture, assess its condition. Are there any cracks, dents, or scratches? Does your furniture have a layer of lacquer or varnish? Are there any multiple layers of paint on its surface?

If your answer is yes, then you have to prepare the items on this list before beginning on the refurbishing process. Thus, here are the items for your refurbishing project:

Carbide Scraper

Before you apply a fresh coat of paint, you have to return to the unfinished and raw state of the furniture. You can take the hard work with the use of a scraper. Using an orbital sander will cleanly strip away the finicky paint finishes. It has an economic grip and pulls that will lend two-handed traction to secure nails and tackling rugged surfaces.


It is important to sand your furniture so you can get to the original wood. This will help you create a rough surface that will enable your primer and paint to stick to the wood. If you sand down the items, it will help get rid of dings and scratches.

For varnish, lacquer, or several layers of paint that are hard to remove, you will be using an orbital sander. Sand the item until it gets back to its natural wood.

You also need to have sandpaper. This will help remove the thin layers of varnish and paint after applying filler or wood putty. It is also best to sand with sandpaper after the first layer of primer removes any drips or deep brush strokes. After sanding, wipe the surface with a damp rag.

To get a nice sanding job, you can use an electric sander or hand sand. For a large piece of furniture, it is best to use an electric sander. It will be tiresome if you attempt to sand a large piece by hand.

Hammers and Mallets

Four types of hammers are essential in furniture restoration.

The first is called the Standard Claw Hammer. The best type to have is the drop forged with a hickory handle. Before buying one, make sure that you check the product first. The inside edges must be fine that will slide under the head of a nail effortlessly. The curve of the claw must be efficient to give good leverage. There are many claw hammers available in the market today. The best sizes are 13 to 16 ounces.

The second type is the rubber mallet. This helps you to pound on furniture parts without marring or denting them. The third type is called as the wooden mallet. This can be used to tap the chisel with the wood head. Finally, the magnetic tack hammer is a thin-nosed hammer that has a magnetic head. This one is good for reupholstering work.

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