Professional Garden Designers in Australia Employ these Garden Designing Principles in Designing Beautiful Gardens and Landscapes


Garden designs are products of creative ideas involving creating layout plans and planting. The designs can be by the garden owner themselves or by professional garden and landscape designers. Professional garden designers in Australia through their level of expertise and experience create garden designs using different formulas and principles. Here are some of them.


Low rainfall is prominent in many Australian areas. Gardeners employ low water use techniques in creating gardens and landscapes. It is for reduced supplementary garden watering. Roofs or house covers are incorporated in the design for capturing rainwater in irrigating plants and grounds. Roof or balcony garden design explores this capturing rainwater technique to reduce stormwater to the streets while maintaining sufficient water supply for plants. Landscape design with a water capturing technique is usually for natural landscapes and gardens. Water features like ponds are integrated into the design not only as accessories but as part of the water management system of the landscape or garden itself.


The climate inside and outside the property are important in creating garden designs. The outside and indoor climate must work together to maintain a healthy environment. Landscapers in Sydney takes note of the types of plants to be used as those that can filter the air from the outside. Included in the design are the types of plants for indoor use such as plants that reduced toxins like formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds in the air.

Habitats for species like birds

Garden designers also take-in consideration creating opportunities for habitats for birds and other friendly species like bees ad butterflies. This principle is greatly encouraged in many Sydney and Australian landscaping and garden designs to promote eco-friendly gardens and landscapes. Some creative garden ideas make use of ponds with edible fish and plants and of nesting boxes.

Designs for bushfires

Australia is prone to bushfires that is why sustainable gardens are encouraged. This is a simple way of preventing and avoiding bushfires. Garden designs should be implementing measures that avoid using highly combustible mulch or hard surfaces closer to the house and trees that grow tall close to the house. Designs should be free of any fire risks. Easy maintenance is also a factor in designing gardens.

Modern and beautiful gardens are not only for the pleasure of the eyes but also for the mind and body as well. If you want to enjoy such a garden, it’s best to talk to professional garden designers to enjoy a garden that is pleasing to the eyes and body, mind, and the environment.

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