Induction Hob Singapore is A New Way of Cooking


This is the most innovative kind of cooktop, which use neither gas nor electricity it uses induction. It is the cooking vessel made of ferromagnetic metals bet heated up, not the hob. This may seem weird. The appliance is sourced to the 240-volt power line. When the electricity passes through the copper coil placed beneath the cooktop, a magnetic field is generated. The magnetic field activates the atoms of the cast iron or stainless pan to create heat. The cooktop is not the source of heat.

Better than other cooking methods

Induction hob Singapore¬†produces heat as good as an eclectic or gas stove, if not better. In induction cooking, very little heat is radiated outside, as the cooking vessel itself produces the heat. By controlling the magnitude of the electromagnetic field, you can increase or decrease the degree of heat. The cooktop is as responsive as a gas burner. It is a very safe way of cooking as no naked flame is involved in the process. The hob’s surface gets heated due to the pan, but it cools quickly, so no warning light glares on the surface. The quick cooling top of the hob does not allow the spills to be stubborn, making the cleanup process easy.

The pans

The pans required for induction cooking must be made of magnetic metal. An induction process will only be activated if the pan is made of stainless steel, cast iron or enameled cast iron. Copper or aluminum pans will not start the process of induction. You can perform a simple magnetic test to know the pan will work on the induction hob or not.

Fast, responsive technology

The feather touch control panel controls the intensity of the heat. The flexicook features allow using a pan of any shape and size and sensing the vessel’s exact position for faster, safer, and efficient cooking. The inbuilt timer up to 99 minutes will turn off the heat, preventing burning or over boiling of food. To boil 8 quarts of cool water, the 12,500 Btu gas burner needs almost 24 minutes, an electric stove 18 minutes, but an induction hob only requires 14 minutes to boil the water.


The major advantage of induction cooking is speed as very little heat is radiated outside. It can boil water in a few minutes and a warm small amount of food in a few seconds. You can regulate the intensity of the heat to make a sauté. In addition to swiftness, the induction hob is very energy efficient. As soon as you remove the pan from the cooktop, the production of heat stops. This also guarantees safety, because there is no chance of turning the stove on by accident after cooking.

Cleaning induction hobs is easy; the glass cover on the surface is scratch-resistant and elegant. The spills and dirt can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In the past, the induction cooktop was more expensive; recently, more affordable models are available in the market.

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