Choose the Best Choices for the Long Distance Move


When you have a small volume to move (less than 10 m3) over a long distance, the automatic price calculations on websites dedicated to the move are often wrong. However, the calculation of the price of a small volume move is information much sought after by individuals: we want to know if the transport of the furniture in question will not cost more than its initial value, in which case as much to buy furniture directly. new on site! So how do you quickly approximate the price of a small volume move? And what are the possible solutions for carrying out transport economically? The long distance movers new jersey option is perfect now.

Why is the automatic estimate of a small volume move skewed?

When we estimate for a small volume long distance move, we get overestimated prices compared to the actual prices. Indeed, the real prices are not linear. When you go below a certain volume, the only way to get an attractive price is to organize a groupage.

On the other hand, a small volume move of 2-3 m3 does not have at all the same constraints as a complete move. When you move your whole house, you have the constraint of knowing where you will be sleeping while your furniture is in the truck. If it is just a few pieces of furniture, they are probably not essential for your everyday life.

Without date constraints, it is therefore much easier for the mover to consider an optimized group move, benefiting from a trip already paid for by another client who has a larger volume. This allows it to offer much more attractive prices.

Ask for your quotes for your group move

How to get a quick estimate for a small volume long distance move?

Over a long distance (greater than 300 km), we can do a very basic calculation to get an idea of ​​the price: it takes around 100 € HT per m3, with a minimum of 300 to 400 € HT. This will already allow you to see if transport by a professional is possible or not compared to your budget. After that, everything will depend on what you have to move as well as access: if you have to mount a piano on 6 floors without a lift, the price will necessarily be more expensive than for a small chest of drawers on the ground floor. To get a precise quote, you will need to contact an expert anyway.

Mover or carrier?

Small volume moving transportFor a small volume move of 2-3 m3, the moving term is not the most appropriate. We are talking more about transport. Also, if you have new furniture in kit form, for example, or not very bulky and not very fragile, the most economical is to entrust it to a simple carrier (not to be confused with a mover, which could be described as a specialized carrier). On the other hand, if your furniture requires special protection, it is safer to call on a real mover. The price will be slightly higher but it is not the same skill: a mover will protect your furniture optimally for transport while a simple carrier will not necessarily have the same attention.

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