Innovation in Bidet Toilet Seats


For elderly, disabled and mobility restricted individuals, maintaining independence is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to bathing and using the bathroom. With the innovation of bidet toilet seats, maintaining independence is easier than ever before, and those with special needs in the bathroom can ensure their personal hygiene is maintained without someone else’s assistance. Both handheld bidet sprayers and bidet toilet seats are great personal hygiene aids that can ensure the comfort and ease of mind for the elderly and disabled.

Bidet Toilet Seats (Non Powered)

Bidet toilet seat is a common form of bidet that cleans and ensures the comfort of the user. These seats are powered by water, meaning they don’t require to be plugged into the wall or an electrical outlet, which can be extremely convenient for bathrooms that don’t have a floor plan that allows for that kind of connection to the toilet. These seats are fitted out with simple, easy to use controls so that everyone can use them regardless of age or accessibility level. The seat can easily be attached and removed from a toilet so that the cleanliness of the device can be maintained with ease. Bidet toilet seat may come with two settings, these being posterior, and feminine, ensuring that each user’s needs can be met with comfort and the hygiene of the user can be maintained. This option is excellent for those who are looking at trying a bidet seat to enhance their independent bathroom experience.

Smart Bidet Toilet Seats

Smart bidet toilet or electric bidet seats are similar to a regular bidet toilet seat, but they include smart controls that increase usability and perform more functions. Smart Bidets are incredible toilet aids as they help in maintaining comfort, safety and hygiene for the elderly and disabled. The smart bidet seat comes with remote control for the device that allows the user to easily change the settings and turn the device on and off. These seat functions include the regular posterior and feminine hygiene settings, as well as a swing set, and a massage setting, ensuring maximum comfort for the user. The product also includes an air-drying function to aid the user in drying the area, which of course increases the hygienic support. Aside from these features, the smart bidet toilet seat has a soft closing heated seat and self-cleaning nozzles. With all of these features, the smart bidet toilet seat is one of the best options for the elderly and disabled to maintain independence in the bathroom.

Bidet Spray Hose

Bidet spray hoses can be excellent personal hygiene aids for individuals with restricted mobility. Bidet hoses are wall-mounted, and allow the user to manipulate where the water is projected so that they can ensure an acceptable level of hygiene is achieved, meaning that maintaining their independence in the bathroom is easier than ever before. Due to the length of these hoses, all areas can be met and cleaned, ensuring ongoing comfort throughout the day for the user. These devices are available in multiple finishes, meaning that the hoses can blend into the bathroom environment seamlessly and be an extension to the style rather than a disruptor. With the convenient wall mount structure, it also appears to be tidy in the space, making it an excellent addition to the bathrooms of the elderly and disabled.


Bidet toilet seats and spray hoses have come an extremely long way in providing cleanliness and comfort for everyone, including the elderly, disabled and mobility restricted. With the use of these products, independence can be maintained with ease, increasing the self-esteem of the user, and helping them to remain independent in their home. With easy installation, these products are an excellent way to make the bathroom an accessible place for everybody.

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