Moving? 3 Tips To Help You Stay Sane


You did it, congratulations! You sold your home, found a new apartment, or decided to move out of your parent’s basement. Such an exciting month ahead, but many people can find themselves overwhelmed and lost in the long list of to-dos. To help you keep your sanity, here are three tips to help you prepare for that exciting move.

Document the Move

No, don’t take a video of packed boxes. Do make a list of what boxes go where and which boxes have important items you may need soon after you get into your new home. You can color-code containers to know which room to have the local movers Tampa put them in, or mark the boxes by hand. Another consideration is collecting all the items you may need the first day or two after the move into one box. This can include your coffee maker and coffee, clean clothing, and even a towel. If you are a techie, don’t forget to put all your cords into one box and mark it with brilliant color, so it is easy to identify.

Notify the Offices

Almost everyone knows they need to notify the post office when they move, but there are other companies that are sometimes forgotten. The utility companies need to be told when you are moving, where you are moving to, and when you need services terminated. Also, let the utility company know when and where to set up new accounts. Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles about your change of address, as well as your insurance companies. If you have rental or homeowner’s insurance, let them know about your change in status. Don’t forget to update all those internet shopping sites, home delivery services, your current gym, and medical care offices about your new address.

Request Some Help

You can request help packing up your boxes, watching the kids while you pack, or sorting through items you have been hiding in the garage for years. Or, you may want help shifting big items around, painting rooms a new color, or taking furniture apart. No matter why you need help, remember to ask at least 24 hours before you need them to show up. If you have friends you can rely on, why not invite them to help you move and then take them out to dinner after the big event – make it a weekend to guarantee most will be free.

A move doesn’t have to drive you insane. Keep your sanity by using the three tips above to stay on top of the transition and keep the move stress free.

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