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So, you are planning a garden, but you are not sure how to do that. First, you need to find good software for planning your domestic garden design, SmartDraw has you covered.

Simple or complex

Whether you are planning something simple or complex, residential or commercial, small or large, SmartDraw’s garden design templates help you to achieve a result that is professional looking and quick and easy to use.

Garden layout software

When it comes to software for garden layout, there are so many options. Inexpensive programs normally leave you with a result that is amateurish. CAD programs are very hard to learn as well as very expensive.


This software gives you a much better alternative. Not only will SmartDraw cost just a fraction of CAD programs, but you are able to draw your garden design in only minutes from right now.

Free software

Free landscape design software will help you to design the outdoor space of your dreams. When using any software to create the design, you will not have to produce models of outdoor elements by hand. All the elements of outdoors such as buildings, people, vegetation and cars are already at your fingertips within the garden design software.

Garden plan

Prior to choosing plants or designing your plan for a garden, go out to the yard and see the proposed garden space throughout the day.  Is the site in full sun? Is it shaded heavily throughout the day? Will it be exposed to high winds? Is it next to a road where salt from snowplows will affect the growth of plants?

Plants and overall design

The overall design and the plants will be influenced by the sun your garden site gets each day. Plants also vary regarding water needs; some plants need lots of water, while some others die if they even get a little water. Observe your site for the garden for moisture levels.

Soil pH

The pH of soil also affects the growth of plants. Some plants, such as roses, prefer soil that is alkaline. Other plants, such as rhododendrons, need soil that is acidic. When designing a garden, realize that many plants will not be great companions due to their various needs. A kit for pH testing of the soil can be found at any store carrying garden supplies – a test of the soil so you can regulate the pH. If you need to make the soil acidity, add coffee grounds to lower the soil pH.  Add lime to increase the pH soil.

These are all things you need to know to design the perfect garden.

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