Promotion of Safeoven


SafeOven is a simple yet highly effective, technologically-induced managed kitchen appliance. It is automatically designed to protect you, your household, and guest from injuries along with your home from fire breakout. Disasters and dangers, such as unwanted fires are unpredictable. It is time you save some coins for a Safe Oven and do away with stoves and ovens that bring you worries

Advantages of using SafeOven

We are innovative. We improvise the smart technology to ensure you are safe and have peace of mind. We are planning on developing a smartphone app where users can monitor oven usage and have full control of the unit from the convenience of their hands. Currently, we notify our users via SMS.

We value quality. Experts with technical competence are involved in the design of our oven to ensure it’s of high quality. We use the best material possible to maximize the performance of our product. Quality has proven to increase our sales over the years. Our kitchen based experiment has to turn out to sell out globally.

We offer a 12-month warranty for our products. Customer satisfaction is one of the a-must-achieve element in our company. Therefore, our products have guarantees. We allow customers to send back the SafeOven and get a full refund if it does not perform effectively in the first 30 days.

Safety is a core value in the company. Home and workplaces have been top places where most of us spend our time, and we prioritize the safety of each individual. Our clear messages and notification help you in case you forgot to turn off your oven system. This lessens the risk of property been burned down due to unwanted fires. Additionally, it gives you a peace of mind because you might forget to turn on the system, and all you need is to assign someone to turn it off when you receive the notification or do the task yourself. The monitoring of the oven is also essential for building management.

Features of the SafeOven

The SafeOven has several features that make it unique from any other oven. The competence input in the manufacturing of the product grants its durability and high efficiency during usage. Our oven is automated; the owner can control its activity at his or her convenience on their hands-mobile phone. We also send reminders during cooking; time left to prepare the food. Our SafeOven has a flexible installation system. All you need to get the oven started is plug in one end into the power output and another to the cap to the end of your stove, then pair it with your phone, and you are ready to go. If you are finding challenges in the installation, you can reach us through our customer care landline. The SafeOven is also water, oil, and dustproof. Upon contact with these three elements, the oven will still be able to perform effectively.

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