Questions You Need to Ask Before Finalizing the Builder


If you decided to build or renovate a house, you need to cover all bases in terms of hiring the right builder. Before hiring, you have to meet with the builder and ask a few questions. The questions will determine their suitability for the job.

Questions that you need to ask before hiring a builder include the following:

How long have you been operating?

The first thing that you need to do is to ask how long the builder has been operating. This is how you will know if they have a good track record. Choosing a builder with a good history and track record will give you the confidence and assurance that they will stay, long after the completion of your new home.

Do you have insurance?

Builders Warranty is out of the question because it is mandatory in all states or territory except Tasmania. If the builder is licensed, you should expect this builders warranty insurance.

This insurance basically protects you as a homeowner if you lose your deposit or if the builder does not finish the job. The Builders Warranty Insurance Australia will also protect you from defective work. Before you pay, you should ensure that the builder has this insurance. It is better to ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.

What about previous work?

The builder should provide feedback from previous and current clients. By gathering feedback from people who have experienced the services, you can make an informed decision before signing the contract.

If you can find reviews, you should take time reading. You can also ask for contact details of the previous clients so you can give them a call and find out first-hand the quality and professionalism of the builder.

Who will supervise the project?

You need to be assured that the supervisor is keen on producing a quality build. With this, you need to ask the past experiences of the supervisor and the duration of their employment. Do not forget to ask about their trade base.

It is also prudent to talk about the number of projects the supervisor will be looking after while constructing your property. If the supervisor has fewer projects, it means more supervision on your property. Ultimately, there will be fewer mistakes and better quality of construction if the supervisor is always there.

What is included in the contract?

The contract should indicate the provisional sum and the prime cost items. The provisional sum refers to an allowance for any works that cannot be finalized during contract signing. This is usually considered for sites where there is a possibility of encountering water or rock.

Prime cost, on the other hand, is an allowance for the selection of specific material that has yet to be chosen. You should know that the provisional sum is used for site work while prime cost is used if the owners have not finalized their selection of items.

At the end of the day, you need to work closely with the builder that you chose. With this, it is imperative that you choose the one that you can have a professional and honest relationship with.

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