Rat Blockers Stop Rats from Entering Through Drainage Systems


Rat Blockers are a specialized drainage product that stops rats from entering homes and commercial buildings through the drainage system. It is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stops rats originating from the sewers

In the United Kingdom Ratblockers.com is one of the leading specialists in this field of stopping rats from entering your drainage system.

Fits into the sewer pipe

Rat Blockers is a device that is able to be fitted directly into the pipe of the sewer through the cleaning well. This guard will allow rats to pass from the outside but prevents them from returning to their nest – so it efficiently defends your home from rats. These devices are made from acid-resistant stainless steel with rubber sealing on the outside of the device to ensure that they fit snugly into the sewer pipe.

Damage reputations

Each year there are hundreds of restaurants, hotels, cafes that are closed because of rat problems resulting in a loss of money as well as reputation. All of this can be avoided by simply having Rat Blockers installed. Rats are a constant source of contamination and they also spread diseases. By blocking this entry for rats to get into the drainage area – it makes it an inexpensive way of stopping rat attacks.

Carry diseases

Rats have always been the animal that some people fear most. They not only carry infectious diseases, bite through electrical installations, cause damage to the sewer pipe and replicate faster than almost any other animal but often they die under the floors – and removing flooring to dig out and remove a dead rat can be quite expensive. Rats are able to crawl up by pipes into toilets as well as waste pipes. A survey recently done in Britain showed that 75 percent of all rats are unaffected by common poisons, making them more or less impossible to get rid of.

Various food businesses

Food processing businesses as well as restaurants are especially susceptible. Finding rats or rat droppings – at a business that makes or serves food means immediate closure until the problem is solved. The closure means a loss of money as does the associated loss of consumer confidence in that business. These Rat Blockers are a very minor investment that can prevent a business from having to close – saving money and significantly reduces all risks.

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