Reasons a Drinking Water Filtration System Is Better Than Bottled Water


The sales of bottled water continue to grow as they continue to increase. It’s evident that many people aren’t aware that certain bottles of water are actually purified tap water, that is, the same tap water they obtain at home. Although some bottles may be a bit over the top, most homeowners can enjoy the same quality and taste with the use of a water system at home. Continue reading to discover the advantages of installing a water filtering system.

1. Better Investment, Save Money!

Are you a homeowner who is aware that the water in their home isn’t as tasty as water from a bottle? There’s an easy solution to this issue that’s a more long-term investment by installing a water filtering system. Bottled water is great for drinking in a short time. However, with the right maintenance, the water filtration system will last for 10 years or more. Imagine the expense of buying water bottles all the time!

2. Convenient Drinking Water Supply

If someone purchases the water in bottles, be it the five-gallon jug of water coolers or a bottle for an individual, or a case, it is only the water they can get inside the bottle or the jug. Compare that with having a drinking-water filtration system installed in your home. People who have water filters only need to turn on the faucet in case they’re thirsty. They’ll get fantastic tasting water in the amount they require, at any time they need it.

3. You Can Rely On It

Water filtration systems for homes provide safe, pure water by removing debris and contaminants. Some are certified to get rid of harmful water contaminants like arsenic, which can be present in water from wells. 

Although bottled water is advertised as safe and higher quality, homes with reverse osmosis and carbon water filtering systems can be assured that the drinking water in their home is secure. However, some of the bottles of water just tap water, which isn’t known to the customer, and they’re being swindled into purchasing the exact water that they can get from the tap.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Water is a natural resource. However, empty plastic bottles that are left over from drinking bottles have a negative impact on the surroundings. The majority of used water bottles are disposed of in garbage instead of being reused. However, water that comes from the tap is able to be enjoyed by using a reusable bottle which doesn’t require being put in the garbage or recycled.

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