Reducing Your Household’s Electricity Bills in Singapore


Electricity is consumed at the cost of non-renewable and limited natural sources such as natural gas, and fossil fuel. There are many ways we can save the Earth, and concurrently our savings on utility bills by lowering our electricity consumption.

In recent times, Singapore’s focus has shifted to the use of alternative sources of energy to harvest electricity. The use of solar energy is also gaining a lot of traction in terms of costs and sustainability. Nevertheless, the cost of electric supply is never stable, and thus, navigating ways to save electricity is indeed a sensible option.

By following some of these steps, you can save electricity at home and the office.

Choosing and using a refrigerator properly

Yes, a considerable amount of money can be saved by using refrigerators carefully. The refrigerator contributes to almost one-fifth of a household monthly electricity consumption. That is why it is one of the key appliances that you should do research on before buying (e.g. energy efficiency, energy consumption).

Some ways by which you can conserve the excess energy required to run the refrigerator are:

. Minimize the opening the door of the refrigerator by opening it only when needed.

. Do not overstock your fridge as it obstructs the air circulation and more energy will be expended to keep it cool

. Separate your fridge from other heat sources such as the stove as an increase in ambient temperature also increases electricity consumption

. Cool off any hot food before placing them in the fridge

Save on Air Conditioning

Singapore, being a hot and humid country, uses the air conditioner a lot. Every second the air conditioner is running means that your electricity bill is running too. What is unexpected that is the top energy-consuming appliance in every household, accounting for almost a quarter of one’s electricity consumption monthly.

In this condition, it is always wise to buy an air conditioner with high energy efficiency ratings, a rating system by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Energy Efficiency Programme Office (E2PO). Although initially, it might cost you a few extra bucks, it will be easy on your pockets in the long run.

Another option is to use an air cooler to cool your room and then switching it off. Thereafter, use a fan to circulate the air. This will keep your rooms cool and it will save electricity too.

Save on electricity consumed during standby mode

Even though your electrical appliance is turned off (e.g. fans), they are still consuming electricity, this is call standby power.

You might wonder how the small amount of electricity consumed on standby can add to your bucks. But if you analyze it in broad terms and multiply this small amount of electricity consumed with the number of appliances you keep on standby, then you are in for a shock.

Therefore, it is always advisable to switch off all the appliances from the main switch and unplug it after each use.

With the fully extended Open Electricity Market (OEM), consumers in Singapore are given the flexibility to choose their own electricity retailer beyond SP Group. It provides an avenue for households to cut their monthly utility bills beyond just saving energy on their current electrical appliances. This is done by providing a plethora of plans that befits various electricity consumption needs.

Worry no more about fluctuating tariffs in Singapore – Start saving in the long run by learning about the various electricity plans in the OEM!

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