Restoration is the Key to Increasing Your Building’s Value


Over time, older buildings face extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear. This can weather the exterior and interior of the building, bringing down the building’s overall value. There’s one critical strategy that can help restore the look and longevity of the building while also increasing the value: restoration OKC.

Restoration transforms run down or weathered buildings into completely new ones with eye-catching exteriors. No matter what condition your building is in, top restoration services can help increase the building’s value and help you increase your investment.

Reading to learn more about restoration can boost your building’s value.


Restoration is the process of fixing a building’s exterior. The process and extent of restoration depend on the specific building and its condition. First, the building must be thoroughly cleaned, to remove grime and reveal the full condition of the substrate. This way, the restoration team can see any necessary repairs that may have been hidden under many layers of paint and dirt.

Next, restoration involves a standard recoating process. This stage includes pressure washing and finishing with a high-performance coating.

However, if the cleaning revealed necessary repairs, then the team must handle the damage first. We address minor damage, areas of wear, cracking, and other damage. The key is to resolve the repair and make it look like it was never there.

In the case of moisture intrusion, we turn to overcladding. Overcladding will extend the building’s lifecycle significantly, but it is much less expensive than completely rebuilding. Additionally, overcladding can be done while tenants still occupy the building.

In extreme cases, we must remove and reclad. This would involve replacing a facade, which upgrades the building to meet current requirements. If necessary, we replace sheathing, cladding, or substrate and supporting structures.

How Restoration Revitalizes Your Building

Restoration will give your building and completely new appearance and feel, it is the process that can transform a building from a dingy eye-sore into a shining diamond of curb appeal. Not only does restoration make your building look better, but it also helps it last longer. Restoration is a refresh that will help your building extend its lifecycle and stay in better shape for much longer.

The restoration also helps preserve your building’s heritage. When we use the least intrusive methods, we can revamp your building while preserving and enhancing its historical qualities.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Restoration

A building that needs some exterior TLC is not a lost cause! On the contrary, the building may be an excellent candidate for restoration. That’s where we come in. Our experienced team can restore your building, enhancing its appearance, preserving its history, and ultimately increasing its value. Restoration is one of the easiest ways to dramatically increase the value of your building while helping you earn more on your investment. Our knowledgeable team is happy to help with your restoration. We will assess your property and provide our expert restoration recommendations. To learn more about our restoration services or to schedule your appointment today, contact us HERE.

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