Should I Invest In Impact Windows?


As a resident of Florida, you are surely aware that though the weather in the state is splendid throughout the year, it is sometimes hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. So, you are probably wondering whether or not to invest in an impact windows service in Miami or Kendall for preventing damage to your windows. Here are some reasons why you should go with these windows.

Energy efficient

In summer, impact windows reduce heat gain of your room from the sun’s rays. In winter, it helps retain heat for longer periods. This cuts down on your electricity bill.

UV protection

Exposure to direct sunlight has a negative impact on the things inside your home. Your valuable interiors may fade fast due to UV exposure. Impact windows and doors are effective protection against UV light which is very beneficial in a place like Miami. However, you should always choose a reputed Impact windows Miami service to get the best value for your money.

One-time installation

Impact windows need to be installed and fitted only once. A reputed impact windows kendall service will help you in the installation of these windows too.

Discounts on insurance premium

Many insurance companies recognize impact doors and windows as effective protection against windstorms. While shutters have to be set up or dismantled by homeowners, impact windows are always available. Insurance companies take this into consideration and may offer deductions on insurance premiums.

More protection

Most impact windows are made up of multiple layers of glass or some other synthetic material. This renders them resistant to shattering and penetration, thereby offering a very high level of protection. It stops flying debris from entering your home and also prevents burglar break-ins.


If you put up a hurricane shutter during a hurricane, you may have to sit in the dark if there is a power outage. Impact windows, on the other hand, apart from protecting you from turbulent winds, allow you to see the outside as they look like regular windows.

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