Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repairs


Have you recently installed an irrigation system to help keep your plants healthy and green? If so, there’s a good chance that, eventually, repairs will be needed. Getting to know the signs that your irrigation system needs repairs is the best way to ensure it continues operating properly. Some of the top signs it is time to call for these repairs can be found here.

Dry Areas or Soaked Areas in the Yard

One of the first signs that irrigation repair Enumclaw is needed is if there are areas in your yard that appear very dry or areas that appear very wet. When an irrigation system is operating properly, it will ensure the lawn remains healthy. If you notice a problem, it’s a good idea to call for repairs before the problem gets worse.

Dripping Control Valves

At the back end of the irrigation system, you will find the controls that will ensure the proper amount of water is delivered to each of the zones in your yard. If a valve is operating properly, they should never leak or drop, and if there are damp areas around the filters or pressure regulators, it’s a sign of a problem that should not be ignored.

Sometimes, very small particles of dirt, debris, and grass clippings may begin to accumulate in your equipment. This can cause leaks that compromise their operation. Make sure you don’t ignore the dripping.

Sprinkler Heads that Sputter

If your sprinkler heads begin to spray off-target, they may be doing this because of pressure problems or valve issues. However, if a sprinkler head develops a chip or a crack, their performance won’t be good. A pop-up sprinkler head may begin to shift out of position, and they may sputter the water into puddles that should not be created. Sometimes, debris can cause a sprinkler head to spray off-target when they should be watering the thirsty grass and plants.

With sprinkler systems, from time to time, issues may occur. Being informed and knowing the tell-tale signs of a problem is the best way to ensure that the desired results with the sprinkler system are achieved. Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by hiring the professionals at the first sign of trouble. Doing this will help ensure that the plants and grass get the water needed to not only survive but to thrive and help ensure the lawn and garden looks great.

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