The 2 factors for buying property in Bangkok, Thailand


With property investments, there are two types of options. One who seeks to buy property as an investment opportunity? The other is looking to stay-in personally. Before you jump into the specific, it’s important to realize what type are you. There are many factors that can swing that opinion. All property might seem like a sound investment, and it is easy to be carried away by the attractive offers and ads. When you are looking for a good condo, it’s important to make sure they fit all your needs and make practical sense. Some hot properties offered by Ekamai Condo might come with superior benefits that might make sound investment options. Here are the two key factors to keep in mind.

Research before you buy, not after

Once you are clear about the reason behind your purchase, it is important to find the right property for you. You can easily approach a reliable agent who can help you find a good fit. Make sure you know everything about your property before you buy it. If you are getting a second-hand house, make sure to understand the problems the previous owners had. You might also want to read up on the area that works best for you depending on the shopping, workplace, and medical facilities. If you are looking to stay yourself, make sure it is as close to places of interest as possible. Another important factor is the close proximity to public transport systems. You can find out more specific details about the property by reading testimonials and reviews online too. Find a good developer, so you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the building once you have made the buy.

Return on Investment Factor

Make sure you know the re-sale values and analyze the estimated infrastructure growth in the area too. When you buy from an agency, such as Ekamai Condo or any other, you must ask them about the depreciation of the property if any. It’s also important to keep in mind other overheads like furnishing, bills, damages to property and how it might add to resale value. If you also intend to pass the condo out to a tenant, then you ask your agent for rate sheets and find one that gives you the best ROI.

Make sure you know when you are stepping into before you do. It’s always a good idea to plan this out. You often only buy a house once.

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