The benefits of having a platform lift


Users who struggle with mobility issues would require the extra help of a stair lift or a platform lift to manoeuvre between levels and staircases. Today, these machines are becoming more and more common and the three main types that you can find in the market would be: stair lifts, elevators, and platform lifts. More often than not one would be able to see that elevators are readily available in big commercial buildings and stair lifts are available at homes and places where they are short staircases. However, many do not realize that there is another equipment such as the glass platform lift that is the lesser-known middle grown.


A platform lift is one that offers greater freedom for users that struggle with mobility. It acts as a lift but it is usually much smaller and can only contain one to two person that is on a wheelchair.

Greater Independence

A chair lift might provide greater mobility for individuals, however, a platform lift offers greater freedom and independence. A chair lift might require an additional person to help operate the machine or to buckle up the individual, however for a platform lift, the way to go about it is simple: one would simply need to get into the platform and use the controls to automate the rest of the process. Platform lifts are great to ensure that wheelchair users are able to get to the desired place with ease.

Highly Versatile

Platform lifts are highly versatile and can be installed and used both indoors and outdoors. It is highly customizable and can even be installed in a residential space. In a residential space, it is often specifically designed within an inclined space. It is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways for users to be transported up and down a flight of stairs easily.


Lastly, platform lifts offer even greater security compared to a chair lift. Most chair lifts are quite advanced today and they offer great security. A platform lift, on the other hand, offers even greater security compared to a chair lift. It is easier to operate and much more hassle-free. This really gives users peace of mind.

All in all, with several options out there in the market, one should still consider a platform lift if there isn’t a budget constraint. It is a wonderful asset in a home and even in a public area.

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