The Familiar Plumbing Problems We Encounter


Plumbing problems happen to a lot of households. Not only can they ruin the day, but if they are not fixed right away, they can present even bigger problems. It’s a good thing that we have our good friends over at Mr Rooter Plumbing! Their services are of high quality, and they have the experience to trump any plumbing problem you may have. So, what are these familiar plumbing problems that we are talking about? Here are some of them.

Probably the most common of all are clogged drains. Slow drains make washing the dishes or brushing your teeth take longer than usual. Clogged bathtubs and shower drains also present a problem. A huge reason for these bathtubs getting clogged is soap scum and hair buildup. It is also common to have leaky toilets and faucets. Not only can they annoy some people with their sound, but it also affects the water bill. These leaks also present a problem because they can create rust and form mold.

Broken water lines are rare but can be quite annoying when they happen. These are caused by tree roots, earthquakes, or poorly aimed shovels that cause the underground water lines to break. They can cause soggy areas in your yard and very low water pressure. To learn more about the most common plumbing emergencies, here is an infographic by Mr. Rooter Plumbing that you can read.

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