The Perfect Oven Glove That Every Kitchen Needs to Have


Why should you use the Ove Glove? Simple, this is heavy-duty silicone non-slip grip gloves as they are a must-have for the following reasons:

  • They keep your hands quite safe when dealing with any hot cookware items.
  • They feature a silicone grip which makes them non-slip.
  • Made from quality, long-lasting, flame and heat resistant material.
  • They are right to use when cooking or outdoor barbecuing home.
  • One glove included per set.
  • Bright with attractive designs.
  • Five finger flexibility – many oven gloves have only a mitten and a place for only your thumb.
  • Made to last – strong and durable.
  • Exclusively online –not available on the street.

I bought a pair of these after getting my fingers and above my wrist burned just too many times. I am totally in love with these – no burns on me anymore. They are built to remove baking trays and hot ovenware from your oven and how many of us get burned when we used a little potholder. Other mitts and cloths are not good for my delicate hands or when dealing with extremely high heats no matter whether cooking inside or outside. This is truly a revolutionary safe, must-have tool for the kitchen for both bakers and home cooks. It takes the strain and stresses out of cooking with its flame and heat resistant material making it a must-have for your kitchen.

Perfect tool

This is the perfect tool for cooking in the kitchen and you won’t have any more burnt fingers or scars on your wrist. And if you are like me, I always open the oven door to put something else on the dish I am cooking – but with the Ove mitt, it’s no big deal. And it is gaining popularity as must-have kitchen gadget in UK.

Perfect for gifts

I love it and am going to start giving it as gifts for weddings or going away to college and any other time I know that the person needs to have it in their kitchen. No matter who is setting up a new kitchen – they need this oven mitten.

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