Things To Consider While Buying Porcelain Table Lamps


A table lamp possesses the potential to transform your home aesthetically. It can change your normal-looking home to an exquisite abode. However, for that, you have to buy the right product too.

This is where The ultimate guide to choosing a porcelain table lamp could come in so handy for you. Actually, there is no thumb rule that you have to follow in these cases. In fact, different people have varied criteria for such choices. For some, design and aesthetics are the most important factors. For others, functionality is head and shoulders above any other factor. However, before you head to the market to buy such a product, you must do some research in this context. Read up on the various shapes and styles that you get in the market.

Also, get an idea of what you need from your porcelain table lamp. What sort of tastes and preferences do you have in this context? How much should you spend on such a product? All these factors are fairly important in such a purchase.

The right shape and size:

  • Your porcelain table lamp needs to be of the right shape
  • This is an important aspect because it determines how the overall house looks
  • The good thing is that you have many options in this context in the markets these days
  • The most prominent among them are the likes of round, candlestick, and rectangular
  • Never choose a small porcelain table lamp for a large table and vice versa
  • This would make the entire setup disproportionate
  • It would also create issues with the furniture next to the table
  • If your table is heavy and big the lamp on it should be large and look heavy too
  • In case your table is thin or petite, your lamp should be delicate and light
  • Wide lamps act as visual anchors in rooms
  • They should not be too deep though
  • The lamp should not be over 1.5 times the height of the table that it is on
  • The shade of your Porcelain Table Lamp should not be bigger than that of the table
  • Use light lamps in areas where the activity level is on the lesser side
  • Go for heavier lamps if you have pets or kids at home as such lamps offer more stability
  • The bottom of the shade needs to be at your eye level while you are sitting next to the lamp
  • If it is excessively high, the bulb would not let you see anything

The right width:

  • The term width signifies the diameter of the lampshade and its base
  • Make sure that the bottom is not wider than the top shade
  • The vice versa is applicable as well
  • Inconsistency in width will spoil the look of the room

Are you wondering How do I choose the best table lamp for my living room? Then this is something that you must keep in mind.

The right shade length or height:

  • The shade of your porcelain table lamp should not be at least 2/3rd of the height of the base
  • This way it would not look heavy on any side
  • The height of the lamp that you choose also depends on the table where you would place it
  • It is always better to make sure that the height of the lamp and the table which it is on, is not over 58-64 inches
  • This would provide the entire room a cohesive look

The right color:

  • This is something that you can never go wrong with
  • You may still compromise with the design
  • The color of the lamp should never match that of the wall of the room where you have placed it

Planning the placement:

  • If you want to select the right porcelain table lamp, you need to know where you want to place it and the size you need
  • If you want to place it on a side table in your bedroom, choose a small base lamp
  • This will make sure that it would not fall when you are moving around
  • The lamps in the living room and drawing room could be bigger

Matching it with your home’s interior design:

  • Design is more important than functionality in these cases
  • You should select a vintage porcelain table lamp if your home has an antique feel about it
  • We recommend sleek and trendy designs for modern homes
  • If the design does not match that of the interiors it would look unsuitable

Energy efficiency:

  • The energy crisis has become a major concern all over the world
  • Thus, it is always advisable to select lamps that consume less energy
  • Visit a lighting showroom or talk to a lighting designer about the energy rating of the product before you buy it

The right material:

  • The companies these days make these lamps from various materials
  • The traditional materials are glass and ceramic
  • These days, a lot of companies are also using materials such as acrylic and metal to make them
  • Options like wood, selenite, alabaster, and faux shagreen are gaining in popularity too

The right style:

  • You can get porcelain table lamp in various styles
  • You have the gourd-shaped lamps that never go out of style
  • You get sculpted statement pieces too, such as urchin starbursts and faux corals
  • You also have even designs that are adorned by the likes of agate slices and petrified wood

The right shade:

  • As far as shades are concerned, the most popular options these days are drum, rectangle, and empire
  • The traditional shapes in these cases are box pleat, pagoda, and bell
  • The materials used the most to make the shades are paper, linen, and silk
  • Companies often use the likes of metallic or colored inners to affect the warmth of the light that is coming out of the porcelain table lamp
  • This can be crucial where you are looking to use artificial light to counter the natural light in your room

You must make sure that the shade is not too big compared to the lamb you are buying it for.

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