Tips For Finding a Good Location to Live as an Expat


If you are a first-time expat, it could be a bit challenging for you to choose where to live in. However, with little research upfront and with the aid of professional advice, living abroad will soon be fun. Yes, traveling the road that’s less traveled can be challenging and fun at the same time.

Finding a place to live in a foreign country doesn’t need to be too challenging if you know what you want. As well as how to go about it. This article shows you the best countries for expats and how to secure the right location to live in. Keep reading.

Top Countries Expats Can Live In

According to a study, there are some that best suit expats. Consider any of these countries as a first-time expat. These top destinations perfect for expats include Luxembourg, Ecuador, Switzerland, Mexico, Singapore, the USA, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Before concluding on these top countries, several factors were considered. These elements include:

  • The simplicity of getting comfortable – Benevolence, feeling welcomed, language, and finding companions.
  • Quality of life – These include recreation choices, individual joy, travel and transport, wellbeing, security, and health.
  • Working abroad – Job security, work, and career, as well as work-life balance. 
  • Personal finance.
  • Family life –  There childcare, quality of education, family wellbeing, as well as the cost of education and childcare. 

These factors, and a few others, were examined before these countries were ranked above others. They are suitable for expats.

Effective Ways To Find A Good Location To Live In

Before renting an apartment in an area, there are a few things to consider. Below are a few of them.

Know your budget

The cost of accommodation in your country if the choice will determine this. Your budget will also determine the area you might want to live in. Assuming you are moving to a costly city like Singapore, London, or Paris, then you may need to live further from the workplace to be able to afford the cost of the rent.

And don’t forget to factor in the costs of transport while settling on where you need to reside.

Up and coming areas are gems

Also, consider the developing areas of the country you plan to live in. There will be great deals there.

While searching for accommodation, you might be enticed by costly downtown area areas. Don’t forget to still consider promising regions. You might get large numbers of the properties in the downtown area at less expense. For instance, in Singapore, Woodlands is more affordable than the downtown areas. Yet, it has more expats and has extraordinary transport links.

Make inquiries

Asking the right questions will go a long way in securing comfortable accommodation as an expat. While looking at explicit properties, remember these questions in mind:

  • What amenities are close by?
  • Is this property completely furnished?
  • What number of people live there?
  • Is public transport nearby? 
  • Can you afford it?
  • Are pets allowed? If you love pets.

Understand the rental market of the nation

It is also helpful if you do your research about the rental market of the country you are relocating to as an expat. Different countries have different requirements. A few of them include:

  • Landlord responsibilities.
  • Security of residency.
  • Limits on rent increments.


Picking the right country as a first-time expat will help you reduce the stress of finding where to reside. Also, ensure that the choice of your location matched your budget. Ask the right questions as needed. Finally, make sure the real estate you choose has experience in finding homes for expat

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