Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist


Renovating your bathroom is a wonderful way to refresh the space, and give members of the household a stylish and functional room to relax and clean up in. Whether your budget will only stretch to a few things, such as replacing the vanity unit, tiling or tub, or whether you decide to revamp the whole space and give yourself a bathroom fit for a king or queen, renovating your bathroom is a great idea and one that most homeowners wish they had done much sooner.

Whatever the size and scale of your bathroom renovation project, it’s important to plan ahead, and compiling a checklist of important questions to ask yourself, can be very useful:

What are my priorities and expectations?

Having a clear picture of what you expect from your bathroom renovation, and being able to prioritize those elements that are important to you, is essential, and you should also think about your goals and a timeline. 

What is my budget?

Only by knowing what you want in your new bathroom, can you get to grips with your budget, and how much money you have, will undoubtedly influence whether you simply repaint the walls, add a new shower cubicle or have the entire room renovated. 

Go through everything you are planning on doing in the bathroom and account for the price, remembering not to omit any of the smaller details such as knobs on the new cabinets and light switch covers.

What colors and designs do I want?

Do you want your bathroom to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, or stand out as a unique and exciting new space? Think carefully about the colors available to you, and the style of everything that will go inside the room. If you’ve chosen an experienced general contractor, they should be able to help you with all of these aspects. 

Where will I get the necessary materials and permits?

Again, if you’ve selected a reputable general contractor, they will doubtless take care of sourcing all the necessary materials and permits for you, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this at all. 

A good general contractor will also help you with the logistical side of things, from plumbing and materials to demolition work. 

Are there likely to be any obstacles?

During any renovation project, bathroom or otherwise, there are bound to be unexpected challenges, hiccups and obstacles; they’re simply par for the course. With a good general contractor, however, these should all be handled professionally, leaving you very little to worry about. That said, it does pay to be aware of what could happen or go wrong, if only so that you can prepare a contingency plan. 

What will my timeline be?

With the help of your general contractor, go through every phase of the renovation to give yourself a realistic timeline to aim towards. While it may not be possible to meet it precisely, it will at least give you an estimate of when you can expect the work to be finished. 

Consider all of the above questions in detail before any work commences, and you can help your bathroom renovation go a whole lot smoother.

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