Top 3 Common Misleading Facts about Landscaping


Everyone loves to spend some quality time in their backyard lawn, especially in the summers, in their secret gardens. However, a natural landscape requires proper maintenance to uphold beauty consistently. One mistake or a misguiding thought and you will be close to ruining your own garden.

Wondering what to do? It’s simple! Just listen to your landscaper in Epping carefully and follow the landscaping maintenance rules religiously. Most importantly, do not pay attention to the misguiding thoughts, some of which are listed below to make sure you do not end up making any major mistake. Read on.

“I can mow my lawn grass shorter, and it will relieve me from the next mowing.”

It does sound familiar, isn’t it? Well, some day or the other, you must have thought of something like this to save yourself from next week’s mowing. However, you never know, what kind of damage you are doing to your lawn by taking this agenda.

According to the expert landscaper in Epping, if you cut the grass too short, you are exposing the grassroots to direct sun exposure. Also, you are basically reducing the ability of the grass to produce sugar through photosynthesis. You will quickly find out the result of your actions as soon as you start finding brown patches all over the lawn.

“If I water the lawn in the evening, it will be more effective for the grass.”

Whoever has planted this idea in your head is certainly not your mate! It’s the most common as well as the most dangerous idea one can think of implementing. Once you pour water in your lawn after the sun goes down, the water will not evaporate. So, basically, the water will create an upper layer, which will attract fungus and also make room for many diseases to germinate.

Based on the suggestion of specialist landscaper in Epping, you should water your grass lawn, not more than once in a day and that too usually in the middle of the day. The water level should not be more than .5 to 1 inch. Quit this thought immediately to make sure your grass lawn remains healthy and growing.

“Landscaping Maintenance is a DIY Job.”

Well, you can buy that idea if you want, but in reality, not everything can be done following some DIY tutorials available on YouTube, especially, when it comes to something sensitive like gardening or landscaping. When you are deciding on creating a beautiful garden with flower plants and a beautifully mowed grass lawn, you should not compromise with the aesthetics.

Secondly, only the right landscaper in Epping knows how to take care of a garden for a healthy plantation. Starting from the soil assessment to deciding the amount of fertiliser to be used – they can handle everything. You might have a lot of time in your hand to take care of your garden, but certainly, you don’t have the expertise that the professionals have.

Final Words

So, when you are ready to invest money in beautifying the exterior of your property with an appealing landscape design, stay away from such misguiding facts and get in touch with the best landscaper in Epping and get your job done without making a hole in the pocket.

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