What do you do when your toilet overflows?


Picture this situation:  it is the day before a big party and your house is neat and orderly. Then at 10:00 at night, you use your toilet and find that the flushing mechanism fails. Your toilet overflows and floods your bathroom floor as a result. You now have a real disaster on your hands! What are you to do? You can start by calling Expert Plumbing & Gas Services because we are the only expert plumbers who are able to handle emergency situations well!

What do we do?

When you think of a plumber, a stereotypical image of a middle-aged man burly man wearing jeans which exposes his butt crack probably comes to mind. But good plumbing services offer you much more than this. They offer you educated and experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the mechanics of houses. They are able to fix any emergency ‘problem around the house’ which you may encounter. Expert Plumbing & Gas Services is no exception because we offer you experienced and knowledgeable professionals whose reputations are stellar. For our plumbers, the problems in your house are like the problems in their house. They care about your plumbing problems at the personal level and put your plumbing needs first. They work on the job until you are satisfied.

Our residential plumbing services

Though our plumbers are adept and experienced in terms of commercial plumbing work, one of their strengths lies in residential plumbing, and especially in the bathroom and kitchen renovations, and in-home extensions. If you are like most people, you dream of one day being able to do a complete makeover of your bathroom or kitchen to make it look like those in Kitchens and Gardens magazine. Since renovating a bathroom or kitchen is more than interior design because the water and gas lines have to be reworked and they have to be tested to ensure that they work properly, you need plumbers whose specialty is in home renovations.

In terms of home and kitchen renovations, our plumbers partner with experienced and knowledgeable builders with outstanding reputations to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are rebuilt according to your specifications and meet Australia’s building and plumbing codes. This is important because this ensures that the core rooms in your home are safe. Your safety is our and our plumbers’ main priority.

We will treat you like royalty

You have likely heard the phrase ‘the customer is king.’ We make this phrase the motto of our business and have built our corporate missions and objectives around this motto in the form of excellent customer service. Because you are more than just a ‘job’ to us, we are careful to hire only those customer service reps with outstanding reputations in the fields of plumbing and customer service. These knowledgeable professionals are courteous and answer the phone immediately – there is no waiting on the phone for several minutes to talk to a live customer service professional with our company. They do not hang up until your plumbing issues have been resolved to your satisfaction. This can be a request for a plumber to come out to your house or a question regarding a critical plumbing issue.

When you want the best

You should give Expert Plumbing & Gas Services a call when you want the best in plumbing. We guarantee that you will be impressed by our services and by the quality of our work!

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