What Causes Water in Basement?


Do you have water in your basement? Are you interested in knowing the causes of water in your basement? Can the water in the basement affect the basement waterproofing? Read this article to the end to identify the causes of water in your basement.

Having water in your basement can be a problem that requires an urgent fix to avoid likely damages that may happen to the basement waterproofing and water seeping through cracks into the building’s foundation. Many factors are responsible for water in your basement, which you need to fix as soon as possible to avoid damages by the properties you keep in the basement.

Here are the causes of water in the basement:

1. Overflowing Gutters

If your gutters are overflowing or leaking water to the basement, there is a likelihood that the gutters are blocked with debris like leaves. You should use a ladder and remove the debris for water to flow freely. You should trim tree branches near the roof gutters.

2. Inadequate Downspout

If the number of downspouts attached to your gutters is not enough, the gutters will overflow, and there will be water in the basement. If you need to add more downspouts or adjust the downspout to make water running through the gutters access downspouts correctly and prevent water overflowing into the basement.

3. Pavement Slope

The paving of the basement may have settled, thereby causing the water flow direction to change and move toward the house. This will cause water to be in the basement. To fix this, the paving should be removed and the replaced to enable water to flow away from the building.

4. Damaged Sealant

As part of basement waterproofing, the sealant is placed around the pavement to prevent water sealing into the foundation. If the sealant is damaged or installed incorrectly, there will be water in the basement when it runs.

5. Sewer Water Backing Up

Another cause of water in the basement is the clogging or sewer backup from the local sanitary sewer system. The situation can worsen during heavy rainfall. This is one of the most challenging situations regarding basement flooding.

6. Underground Springs

Water may be coming from underground springs around the basement. As a result, a perimeter drain system should be installed to retrieve the hydrostatic pressure.

With the several causes of water in the basement, the basement waterproofing should be enhanced to prevent water from leaking into the foundation.

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