What could be attracting Rodents to your Home?


Rodent infestation in your house can be very annoying. They will feed on anything in your house and cause significant damage to wooden structures in your property. It is, therefore, essential to find out the cause of rodent infestation in the house before taking the necessary measure to exterminate them.

You can contact top-rated exterminators in your region to help you deal with a rodent infestation in your house. Apart from seeking professional help from skilled exterminators, you may want to know why your home is attracting rodents.

Why your house is becoming a haven to rodents

1. Leftover food in the kitchen

Ideally, rodents infest your home in search of shelter and food. The remaining food in the kitchen provides a sweet delicacy for the rodents to feed on. You should always keep leftover food in airtight containers at night. Ensure your kitchen cabinets have no openings that rats can find their way.

2. Having your compost heap close to the house

During the winter, rodents like to stay in the compost heap because it is warm. Also, if you have a habit of throwing leftover food in the compost heap, you are making the place more comfortable for the bugs. You can ensure your compost heap is closed and some distance away from the house. Avoid buying plastic compost heaps because they provide a haven for rodents.

3. Small openings on the wall

If you have little openings on the house walls, then you should not be asking how the rodent got into the house. Rodents can squeeze themselves through any small openings on the walls and find their way into your home. You should ensure all the small openings on your walls are closed completely to prevent rodents from entering your house.

4. Outdoor plants

Outdoor flowers planted close to the building walls provide a hideout for rats. Rats can dig holes in the walls neighboring plants and find a way inside the house. If you have to plant exterior flowers, then keep them away from the house walls. These plants not only attract rodents to your home but also make it possible for other intruders such as snakes and spiders to find their way into the home.

5. Poor sanitation

Ideally, the reason why rodents are attracted to your home is that your house might not be tidy or clean enough. Ensure you maintain utmost cleanliness in the kitchen and your house surroundings. This way you can keep the rodents off your property.


Rodents can be attracted to your house because of many reasons. Ultimately, they visit you and establish their nests in the house if they find reliable shelter and food. You can practice proper hygiene to keep them off. If you realize chronic pest infestation in your home, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional exterminator to help you get rid of them hassle-free.

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