What You Must Know Before Restumping Your Property


People are often surprised at how expensive it can be to replace the stumps of their home. It doesn’t help that there aren’t that many service providers out there that offer such services.

Not many restumping services possess a sterling reputation for quality results. If you’re reading this then, you’ve probably heard horrific stories about restumping workers inadvertently damaging their clients’ homes. In most of these cases, the owners don’t have a choice but to embark on a costly renovation project to save their property.

If you want to make sure that you don’t end up in a similar situation as the one described above, it is well worth learning what to look out for when working with a House restumping expert.

Check the stumps yourself

Let’s face it — most problems with restumping services are due to contractors attempting to cut corners and get the job done for as little money on their end as possible. The easiest way to do this is to choose subpar materials for the stumps itself. Fortunately, you can prevent this by simply being vigilant and regularly check on the stumps and everything that’s been done to it.

Stumps come in different varieties. Nevertheless, one of the best is a concrete stump with a 10mm thickness strung rod and concrete padding. The integrated rod enables the stump to be securely attached to the floor and hinders any movement. This makes the structure incredibly strong and resilient in the long term.

As you might imagine, these types of stumps last a very long time. However, you have to be extra cautious if you live in damp conditions as the metal can rust and ultimately weaken or pave the way. Your stumping specialist must know these conditions and prescribe solutions as necessary — regular rust proofing, scheduled stump maintenance checks, pest-proofing, etc.

Selecting a stumping contractor

As with any other service provider, it’s essential to choose a restumping specialist with a good track record, trustworthy and knows what he is doing.

In terms of equipment, a stumping expert needs to have adequate jacks to lift the structure in 2 places. A jack is required for each stump, which means they’ll need a lot of them. To give you an idea, there are around 40 stumps in an average 75 square meter house. Using less than the required number of jacks can lead to severe damages to your home.

When you pick your specialist, you would want to clarify the following if only to avoid any misunderstanding afterward:

  • How will the stumps be spaced?
  • Does the contractor have a license from the council to do the job?
  • If the flooring needs to be drawn out, who will be responsible for re-installing it?
  • How much is the total cost?
  • When does the restumping work start, and when will it be finished?

When comparing quotes, bear in mind that cost does not necessarily impact the quality of the restumping job. You might think that it’s best to opt for the cheapest one and save as much money as possible. However, doing so might end up costing more in the end if you have to spend a lot more on repair works.

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