Where Is the Best Place to Keep Your Safe at Home?


You’ve invested in a fantastically secure high security safe for your home, but where should you put it? If you need to access it frequently, it should be somewhere that you can get to relatively easily, yet it shouldn’t be easy for a burglar to find.

With this in mind, here are a few pointers and considerations to make when deciding where to put your new safe:

Is it best to hide in a safe?

For many, safes are actually a thing of beauty, and a lot of homeowners could be forgiven for wanting to display it in their homes and show it off. However, while a high-security safe is exactly that, high security, it’s still wisest to try and conceal it if possible. After all, it may not just be intruders and burglars that are interested in getting their hands on your valuables, what about family members, babysitters, workmen, etc.?

If hiding a safe in your home, think about whether it will go into a wall or under the floor (a safe expert can guide you as to the best option for you and your circumstances), or whether placing it inside a closet in a locked room will keep it hidden well enough. Wherever you put your safety, having it bolted into place is a sensible idea, as this means that even if someone did find it, they wouldn’t be able to take it away with them, or try and turn it onto its side or drop it, to try and get it open.

Isn’t my safe strong enough?

A safe purchased from a reputable manufacturer will be extremely robust, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take additional precautions to make it even stronger, such as the following:

  • Bolt it to the floor

    This means it can’t easily be moved or tipped over

  • Position the safe’s door against a wall

    This prevents thieves from being able to pry the door open

  • Build a special place for your safety in the wall and enclose it on three sides

    This can help to create an extra layer of protection, making it hard for burglars to cut through the top or sides with cutting tools or a blowtorch

Can I install my safe upstairs in my home?

A safe stored on the upper floors of a home will always make it next to impossible for burglars to try and take it out of the property, but you’ll need the help of expert safe movers to get this done efficiently, and without causing any harm to anyone, or anything, including the safe itself.

For the most up-to-date advice and guidance on buying a home safe and having it installed in your home, call your local safe showroom or chat to a local, licensed locksmith about your options.

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