Could Hiring a Cleaning Service Actually Save You Money?


Contrary to popular belief, while hiring a cleaning company will obviously cost you money, it could actually end up saving you money, among other things. Not quite convinced? Take a look at just some of the ways below, that you could make savings by hiring a professional company to clean your home on a regular basis:

Save time – which is often more valuable than money!

For working families, there is precious little time left at the end of the day, or end of the week, to devote to cleaning, and with so little free time, many prefer to spend quality time with their children instead of cleaning, and that’s understandable. However, a clean home is important for the health of everyone in the household, so how do you find that balance between family time, and keeping a clean home?

Want the easy answer? Simply hire a professional house cleaning company and get your home spotlessly and hygienically clean, while you spend your valuable free time doing, well, whatever you want!

Save the money spent on cleaning products and equipment

It’s surprising how much cleaning supplies can cost, and with all those helpful gadgets designed to make cleaning easier, by the time we’ve got our cleaning closet stocked, we’ve spent half our weekly budget! By hiring professional cleaners, on the other hand, all of our cleaning supply budget concerns disappear, as they bring all their own tools and products with them. Hire them to come in and clean on a regular basis, and you may never need to buy any cleaning supplies again!

Save on the cost of insurance

While you might be tempted to hire your friend or next-door neighbor to come in and clean your home for you – especially as they probably charge less than a professional cleaning company – this can raise a whole host of insurance issues. Insurance is typically highly specific on what a policy will, and will not cover, especially when it comes to independent versus licensed companies, and if an individual cleans for you, your insurance may not cover any damages or losses.

Hire a bonded and insured cleaning company on the other hand, and you get the peace of mind that should anything get broken or someone injures themselves on your property, you and your cleaners are covered.

Save on home repairs and maintenance

You may not automatically think of this particular point, but by having professional cleaners regularly attend to your home to keep it clean and in good order, you may save money on repairs and maintenance over time. With their attention to detail, all surfaces, floors, and furniture will be kept clean and in immaculate condition, and by using the right products, there’s very little risk of anything becoming harmed by harsh chemicals, such as could happen if you were to clean yourself.

It’s important to remember that the more often you have a professional cleaning company come in and clean your home, the less time they will likely need to spend cleaning each time, and because you only pay them for what you ask them to clean, this in itself could save you money, too. You can find more information about cleaning services by visiting Xpress Cleaning.

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