Why Not Use Existing Homes to Help Our Vets?


As I drive through the streets of Crystal Falls, MI I can’t help but see quite a few homes that are in disrepair and/or in need of tenants. It’s a widely known fact that there are tens of thousands of veterans that are in need of a home and of a piece of this sweet tasting pie we call America! These veterans don’t want to hand out, they don’t want something for free, they want to own something that they work for and earned.

Vacant Homes for Vets is doing just that:

Filling homes that would become a blight in dying communities that are in need of trades-workers, with veterans, who want a community, career, and home to call their own! Through our public 503c nonprofit charity, we will have the ability to give the vets these now saved homes after a 3-5 year contractual agreement has been completed. The vet will work in the electric, plumbing, or construction in that home’s immediate community.

Each of the jobs has an optional paid journeyman training period allowing a new or extended career for the Vet which will help each community. Each of the cities (Currently Crystal Falls) will apply for the funding through the charity using government and public grants to pay the initial taxable value of the home. Now, using our organizations’ ideas, these dying communities have the needed workmen for their citizens, homes that the cities would’ve been paid to be torn down are now filled, and most importantly the most courageous among us can have a piece of this heaven we call the Upper Peninsula! Donate by checking out Vacanthomesforvets.org today!

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