Why use an Inset Stove? And how it increases the efficiency?


There can be no question that an open fire improves the surrounding environment’s atmosphere, turning lifeless spaces into colorful, inviting living rooms. Well, it is reasonable that individuals are always unwilling to give up because open fires provide the central focus of many residential properties.

But they are pretty inefficient as an origin of thermal energy. Just two-thirds of the heat will remain in the room in a traditional open fire, the other 70 percent exits from the chimney. As a consequence, to retain the optimal consistency, extra fuel must be consumed.

Assembling an inset multi-fuel stove into a conventional open fireplace ensures you can significantly increase the energy consumption of the oxidized fuel, reducing your heating bills while losing the sensors connected of a fire.

Scaling down your environmental impact

The energy efficiency of a stove ensures that you can automatically lower your carbon footprint by consuming less fuel. And if you have the opportunity to drastically reduce your carbon emissions even further with an inter or wood-burning stove. Burning wood can be carbon neutral, relying on your fuel source or your wood supplier’s procedures. When burnt, the amount of CO2 released by wood is similar as the amount of CO2 consumed by plants as they grow.

Then again, rotting wood doesn’t really release CO2, so you are not bringing any additional CO2 gases into the environment by harvesting wood that would otherwise rot on even a forest floor and burning it in your fireplace.

Ensuring that the wood is well seasoned (properly dried) would ensure that carbon emissions are negligible, as wet wood prevents full combustion and particles from escaping as carbon monoxide in smoke.

Drastically reducing your bills for petrol

When it gets to combustion, the performance of a burner ensures that you can achieve the same power consumption with less fuel, whether you choose to change to burning wood, stick to coal or burn a combination of all three.

Additionally, if your stove is linked to a generator, the water you warm from excess electricity could be used to heat your ventilation and provide enough hot water for household use. Therefore, with the right setup, you can heat your entire house with just one burner.

Quick fit

Many inset stoves are built to actually fit into a normal, curved fireplace, giving the existing buildings of your home a simple installation and minimal interference.

Less space required

The inset stove arrives with an open hole that is its own, designed into the heat transfer box. So while a typical wood-burning stove requires room for air to circulate around it it is possible to use inset stoves in a smaller space.

The growing popularity of inset and stand-alone stoves means that models are available to fit any form of decor and individual requirements for heating. Get advice from professionals like Farmhouse Stoves, To make sure that your stove is suitable for you.

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