Window Cleaning: Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Window Cleaning Service


First impressions are an important aspect for any business and commercial window cleaning will enhance the curb appeal. Utilizing their skills and the right equipment, professional window cleaners can efficiently make windows sparkle. Following are 5 of the top benefits of using a commercial window cleaning service.

1. Creates a Positive Impression

The first thing customers notice about a building or office is its appearance – appearances do matter in any business. Cleanliness, or a lack thereof, is a reflection of how the business operates. For example, if your office building is dirty, including the windows, what does that say about your business practices? Clean windows project a sense of organization and sophistication. Sparkling clean windows help create a lasting, positive impression on customers and employees. This is an impression you can create by hiring a professional commercial Westport window cleaning service.

2. Enhances Productivity

Instead of having an employee clean the windows, taking time away from their regular duties, hire a reputable window cleaning company to do it for you. This way, your employees can concentrate their attention on their regular duties, tasks that are crucial to the daily operations of your company.

3. Promotes Improved Air Quality

Sustaining a clean work environment is the most effective way to help your customers and employees stay healthy. A dirty building not only reflects poorly on your company – it can cause health problems. Air quality is one of the most influential factors of an employees’ health. The air quality in a living space or work environment can affect a person’s comfort, health and hinder their ability to work. Humidity, the temperature, mold, poor ventilation, exposure to toxic chemicals, grime and dirt are all contributing factors to low air quality. Clean windows are one way to reduce the risk of indoor contaminants. On top of that, dirty windows can cause issues for employees that suffer from allergies. This can potentially lead to more sick days throughout the year.

4. Enhances Safety

Cleaning the windows on a commercial property can be a very dangerous process. This is especially true for multi-floor buildings. Commercial window cleaning services involve highly trained professionals. These professionals also have access to commercial grade equipment that makes cleaning windows safer and more efficient. In addition, they know how to prepare an area in a way that helps prevent accidents, like breaking glass or falling off a ladder.

5. A Part of Proper Maintenance

A window cleaning service can help you successfully meet lease requirements. Whether you lease a commercial property of own it, window cleaning plays a key role in maintenance.

Commercial window cleaning services can be an asset to any business, whether it’s a facility, storefront, campus or hospital. Premium commercial window cleaning typically also provides other services as well that will help the property make a positive first impression.

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