Choosing the right home safe


Having decided that a home safe is necessary it would be easy to assume choosing one is an easy matter. But there are issues to consider before deciding on the right type of safe for a home.

Getting started

Having decided to buy a safe it follows that the buyer has identified a need for one. From there it is reasonable to assume that they have also identified the things they feel should be locked away securely. This is the starting point for making decisions about what type of safe to buy. There are four main elements to consider:

  • The potential contents of the safe
  • How much room in the safe are they going to take up
  • Do they need to be protected from the fire
  • Where can the safe be located

– Contents Identifying items that will be secure in the safe will have a big influence on the answers to the other questions. Large contents will need a larger safe, which will require more room and this will dictate the location within a home. Small items need less room so a smaller safe is appropriate and this will take up less space. When considering the contents it is very important to think about whether a fireproof safe is needed.

– Room It follows that larger safes need more room. Big doesn’t have to mean obtrusive as there are a number of options, for example, safes housed in decorative cabinets, behind screens, etc. When thinking about how big a safe is needed it is also worth thinking about whether not just current but future items will fit; in other words, consideration should be given to buying a safe larger than is immediately required.

– Fire protection Fireproof safes offer greater protection and certainly against fire. If the safe is specifically for documents and flammable valuables then this type of safe will be appropriate.

– Location The size and shape of a safe will dictate the location. Accessibility should also be considered; a safe that contains items that will need to be accessed regularly and quickly is not best located in a basement beyond two locked doors.


There are many types of safes and much advice available online about choosing and installing them. But what really helps is the advice of a professional company such as Consulting such a company can save disappointment and save money in the long run.

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