5 Essentials When Designing Your Luxury Pool House


Inground pools are great because they create a summer oasis in your backyard. Inground pools are very popular, and according to Aqua Magazine, there are around 5.1 million homes in the U.S. with inground pools, which is expected to rise over the next decade.

A great addition to your outdoor oasis is a pool house. According to Forbes Advisor, a pool house is a free-standing structure away from your home and close to the pool. If you have the money, building a luxury pool house will make the pool area more functional and lavish. If you plan to build a luxury pool house, you should add a few essentials to make the pool house more functional and luxurious.

Transitional Space

Your luxury pool house will be the heart of your outdoor oasis, and you want to create a transitional space in the front of the pool house. There are two ways to do this. First, you can leave the front open; however, this won’t provide protection from the elements or security. The better option is a large sliding glass door, which can stay open when the pool is in use and can be closed and locked after.

Living Space

A luxury pool house is more than a storage area, and including living space will make the pool house more functional. A small kitchenette will allow you to prepare snacks and serve drinks while entertaining by the pool. You can also include a seating area in the pool house to escape the heat or entertain. If you put an air conditioner in the window and a comfortable couch, the pool house can double as a guest house, and friends and family can spend the night in the pool house. Finally, a full bath will make the pool house more functional. If you have a bathroom in the pool house, your family and guests won’t have to go inside to use the bathroom, and you will have a changing area and shower for your guests.

Cohesive Design

A cohesive design is essential in creating a visually pleasing effect on your property. According to Houzz, your pool house shouldn’t look like it belongs in another yard, and the pool house should look similar to the main house. For example, if your home has white siding, your pool house should also. You don’t have to mimic the main house exactly, but you should add some of the same details on the exterior of your luxury pool house as the main house.

Outdoor Seating

You probably already have lounge chairs set up by the pool, and you should also add some seating to the front of the pool house in the transitional area. You can include lounge chairs, a lounge swing, or a table with an umbrella, providing a place for your family and guests to eat and enjoy a cold drink.


The main purpose of a pool house is to store the pool equipment, chemicals, and other supplies. Because you are building a luxury pool house, the storage area should be closed off so it doesn’t affect the appearance of the inside of the pool house.

You can build a storage closet in the pool house with easy access between the door and the pool. You can add storage cabinets for the chemicals and hooks for the pool equipment. As long as the area is closed off, you won’t lose any of the luxurious look you are striving for.

Your luxury pool house isn’t meant to be a mini version of your home. It is actually a structure designed to enhance your enjoyment when entertaining and using the pool. When the construction is complete, you will have a resort-like oasis in your own backyard.

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