7 Ideas to Work with Tiles in your Home Improvement Projects


If you are like other homeowners, you might choose to cover each surface of your house with tiles. However, you will have to take into account some things when you combine tiles of different sizes, patterns, and shapes on floors and walls. Tiling huge areas will require a sizable investment, thus, make sure you get samples and experiment with how your preferred tiles work together. Below is a guide to help you when combining tiles for the perfect look:

Maintain Balance with Intricate Patterns

Small statement tiles can work wonders in creating a feature on your backsplash. They can be combined with large-scale plain tiles to come up with a design that impresses all eyes.

Think about the Plain and Pattern Combo

Patterned tiles should not be used only on one surface. For instance, you can use modern hexagonal tiles to get attention while a large-scale oblong wall tile can offer a glossy background.

Create Harmony with Scales

When it comes to mixing tiles, it is necessary to create balance by combining small- and large-scale patterns. For instance, you can combine three kinds of tiles in your bathroom like medium hexagonal tiles on the basin, big oblong flooring tiles, and tiny hexagonal mosaic tiles on the walls and bath. The harmony is created by a monochrome palette.

Combine Matte Finishes

Bathrooms that have a tactile appeal can look great with matte tile removal newcastle. If this is the kind of bathroom you want to design, break up big areas with an alternative surface like plain painted walls, and expose bricks.

Ensure Pattern Consistency

Whether you want to use ceramic, or tuiles imitation bois Carreaux Metro, you can make use of tiles in various colors and sizes; however, the shape must be kept consistent to ensure harmony. For instance, you can have a bathroom with oblong tiles in a couple of colors and sizes but the same brick pattern on every surface. With this design, there is a visual connection between the planes.

Vary the Tile Shape

Take a couple of tile designs in different shapes and in the same color and allow the pattern to be formed by the grout lines. A matching grout can make a subtle interest without making a bold statement.

Reduce Pattern Competition

This is applicable to bathrooms that have lots of various surfaces. A restricted color palette works for them. With only white and gray throughout the space, space could look and feel cohesive and sophisticated.

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