What Makes a Good Mattress


Since we spend at least seven to eight hours every night on a mattress, purchasing a new one is not something that should be taken lightly. However, if you have ever spent time looking at a department store or bedding store or just carried out a simple Google search you will notice that there are more than a few different brands and types of mattresses. Given the importance of finding a good mattress, it begs the question – what makes a good mattress good? Buying mattresses online is a simple process.

Well, before you start screaming or banging on the floor in frustration, we are here to help with our indispensable guide to some of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a mattress.

Comfort is a Priority

It should go without saying that, as we spend so long each night in our beds and how important a good night’s sleep is to our overall health, comfort is an important factor to consider. You could spend a fortune on a mattress, but if it isn’t comfortable, then it’s not really that good, is it? So always look for one that you feel comfortable lying on.

Find A Good Mattress for You

It is easy to be led by online reviews and what your friends and family are saying are good mattresses. However, as good as this information is as a guide, you should not rely on it as your only frame of reference for what makes a good mattress. Contrary to what many mattress manufacturers would have you believe, mattresses are a very individual affair and the one that is good for you, might not be good for your best friend and vice versa.

Firmness Is Important, However

As important as firmness is, and it is vitally important because you need a mattress that will offer you adequate support for your spine, but also for the rest of your body too. However, always aim to test out mattresses in person, if entirely possible, because often firmness labels are not always very accurate. For example, just because a company labels one of their mattresses as ‘extra firm’, doesn’t mean necessarily that it will be very firm. It may be that what one company calls ‘extra firm’ is what another company would call ‘medium firm’ or even just ‘firm’.

The Right Size

This may seem like common sense, but there have been mattress buyers in the past who have opted for a size way too small for their needs. Not only does it mean that you less room and are more likely to be disturb, particularly if you are sharing with your partner or spouse; it could also pose problems for your health. A bed that is too small may cause you to sleep in a position that is not healthy or natural and put strain and stress on your back.

There are other factors to consider that make a mattress good such as the quality of the materials used, and the construction used, but we tried to look at some of the most important factors in this brief article. We hope this helps you in your quest for the best mattress. Casa Concetto provides high-quality mattresses in Singapore such as these that provides relief to sleeping issues like stress and back pain. Check them out today!

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