Cedar Log Siding Will Last a Lifetime


Would you prefer a log cabin exterior that will last a lifetime or more? Using cedar log siding is the way to extend a cabin’s life and reduce its maintenance. Cedarwood provides these benefits:

  • Cedar grows in more humid climates that enhance its weather resistance.
  • Its beautiful color varies from white, pink, and tan to brown.
  • The grain is typically straight and consistent with some tight knots.
  • It’s easy to drill, saw, plane, and sand for home projects.
  • Cedarwood is relatively stable and insulates better than pine.
  • It is more insect and rot-resistant than some other woods.

A quality this wood possesses that is generally overlooked is its sound resistance compared to other siding choices. Cedar can be stained, varnished, or painted with equally good results. Its durability for siding is enhanced by applications of a sealer product as needed to retain its color, stability, and durability. Unlike some other species of trees, Cedar is pitch and resin-free that prevents bleeding out the surfaces.

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder more people are turning to Cedar for their log home exteriors and interiors. High-quality wood and trim are available online from leading millworks that will meet your highest expectations. Buy half log siding in 3×6, 3×8, and 3×10 sizes now at affordable sale prices.

Use Tongue and Groove Cedar Siding for Best Results

There’s no longer a need to sort through old-style siding that had flaws and needed chinking between planks. Modern-milled Cedar siding has tongue and groove with end-matching features that make installation faster and easier. Even amateur woodworkers with simple carpentry skills and tools can save up to 20{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} on labor and 20{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} on material waste. The siding locks together so tightly after screwing in place, there’s no need for caulking and chinking!

Cedar is also a fabulous wood for fences and roofing shingles to enhance your log cabin. Its many uses make it one of the most versatile building materials around today.

Have You Thought About Pre-finished Siding?

Another way to save time and a cleaning-up chore is to order pre-finished Cedar siding. With it, there’s no fuss and muss because there’s no buying brushes and other finishing supplies. Also:

  • You won’t have to smell the finishing material while it dries.
  • There’s no waiting time, and you won’t need a special place for finishing.
  • The mill technicians will apply the stain and/or clear finish without any drips or runs.
  • You will get a better-finished product than you would by doing it yourself.

Talk to one of our Cedar log siding specialists today at 800-818-9971 for more advice and information on our products.

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