Google Your Entire Home – Yes, It Can Be Done


You just bought a big screen TV and you want it mounted on the wall, so you can start using this new setup, but you have no idea where to begin. Begin by having your TV installation in New York mounted by a professional. This is especially what to do if you have a really big flat screen which is too heavy for most people to be able to mount.


You need to leave all the heavy lifting to some outside source who can mount your big screen TV of any size and provide almost any style of brackets. They can also set up and connect your new TV – in fact when you get your TV, just leave it in the box and let someone else take care of it from beginning to end. They will be able to lift it into place, connect the TV to your video components, connect everything into your existing Wi-Fi setup and can even configure the voice assistant plus much more.

Other services you have

There are many other services that an outside party can take care of besides your TV mounting. Someone who knows what they are doing can conceal all the wires, program the remotes, install a shelf or soundbar, wire-up audio and video setups and even configure your XBOX if you have one.

The wisdom of experience

I have a huge big screen TV and after 4 months, its still is not mounted on a wall, and all the “bells and whistles” it has not been set up. I could make this into a great entertainment center, but I have no idea what I am doing. So, I am leaving it to my son and his tech friends to do. I really wish I had just made an appointment with tech and had this all done when I first got the big screen.

Reach for the popcorn, not the remote

You can now stream entertainment to the TV or speakers using just your voice when you pair Google Home with Chromecast. Whether you’re cozy on the couch or your hands are full of kids, you can stay right where you are with compatible lights controlled directly by your voice.

Connected by Google

I love the fact that we can program our entire home and then dummies will really be stuck. Your home connected by Google can totally lock a dummy like me out or in – hello to the future.

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