Cleaning Before a Vacation to Make Returning That Bit Easier


Even if you’re just going for a short vacation, there are always a lot of things to prepare and pack before going, especially if there are kids and pets involved! Because of this, it can be easy (or tempting at the very least) to simply up and leave when the day of departure finally arrives, in a whirl of excitement and activity, leaving your home resembling a bomb site! However, while you might be able to put the messy home in the back of your mind until you return, you can bet it will knock you for six when you do get back, and on top of all that dirty laundry you’ll have to do, you’ll have to clean the place from top to bottom to make it livable.

But, with a few simple steps, such as those listed below, you can make returning home, far less stressful, and hopefully, involve a lot less house cleaning and tidying, too!

Keep laundry to a minimum

By making sure that all of the dirty laundry is washed and put away before you leave for vacation, you’ll only have to deal with the laundry from your time away, when you get back. Also try not to create too much dirty laundry before you go, by re-wearing clothes and being more careful when eating and drinking!

Make sure the floors are clean

Coming back to dirty floors is horrible, and while there might be a build up of dust on some surfaces, it won’t be as bad as if you hadn’t cleaned them before you went on vacation. Give them all a quick going over with the vacuum, and mop them if necessary, too. 

Wipe all counters down

It only takes a few minutes to grab some paper towels or a cloth and some disinfectant spray and wipe down all counters and surfaces. This will leave your home looking and smelling fresh for your return. 

Don’t leave anything dirty in the sink

Dirty dishes left in or next to the sink will smell really bad by the time you get back, and you’ll wish you had taken the time to clean them before you left. Not only that, but cockroaches and other creepy crawlies (not to mention, rodents) are attracted to food and grubby crockery, and you don’t want them crawling over the place when you get back from vacation. 

Make the beds

You’ll probably be exhausted when you return from vacation, and all you’ll want to do that night is fall into a freshly made bed. If you neglected to make it before you left, however, it will look decidedly crumpled and uninviting, and for the 2 minutes it takes to make it, it isn’t worth not bothering to do. 

Do a quick sweep of the entire home

Move throughout the home and pick up any little messes, put things back where they belong, and wipe up any spillages or stains.

All of these simple steps are absolutely worth taking the time to do before you leave on vacation, but if you’re way too pushed for time, have a cleaning service come in and get the place spotless the day before you leave; easy!

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