Five Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants to Homeschool without Pesticides


Chemical pesticides are among the most commonly used in the fight against the proliferation of ants and are the most effective way to eradicate insects in homes, but its repercussions are dangerous to human health, especially on his respiratory drive, experts advise using alternative methods rely on materials Eco-friendly natural and harmless.

In this regard, we will be offering a series of alternative natural ways to eliminate the proliferation of ants at home, without the need for pesticides, according to the website “gisondhait” on Health Affairs.

1. Lemon juice

Is lemon juice from the methods used to get rid of ants, so this should be poured juice on ports that enter them ants into houses.

2. Cobalt option

You can leave Peel in places where ants in the House.

3. Bay leaf and cloves

Laurel and cloves smell of strong smells that Paulina ants; some prose is recommended, highly recommended site “Tipp Scout”, as can fat parts of walls, where there are holes exploited by ants to enter the House or living in it, clove oil diluted or Laurel.

The site also advised clear wood furniture with this article, taking into consideration that this material is not suitable for furniture component of plastic surfaces, which could be damaged in the event scan with this oil.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar can be used in different fields, which is a component in many detergents, vinegar can be used in the control of ants in the House, you can pour vinegar in the area frequently by ants, or put a sponge soaked in vinegar on ants infested area, as well as domestic detergent mixed with Elsa Cleaning of the premises, including ants.

5. Cinnamon

Aromatic cinnamon oil is among the spices that can be used in Ant way house environmentally friendly and can mix cinnamon powder or some chopsticks in a pint of water, a workshop in the region where the ants.


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