Four effective ways to eliminate Japanese knotweed in your property


The Japanese knotweed is an invasive species of plant that can grow rapidly even in harsh conditions. It can grow anywhere even in tiny gaps between concrete pavements, walls, and structures, and it can grow in any habitats.

Because of this, it damages structures, roads, and natural habitats by depriving the native species of the nutrients of the soil. What makes it challenging is that the Japanese knotweed is very tough to remove.

It can grow up to seven feet or two-meters in length and its roots can dig twice as deep. The Japanese knotweed spreads quickly and relentlessly year after year; which means that you should be having a multi-faceted approach in eradicating this from your property.

A lot of people are having a lot of difficulties dealing with this invasive plant, however, you should not despair, and instead, you should look for different solutions and of course patience in getting rid of this invasive plant for good by having a Japanese knotweed identification and eradication.

In this post, you will learn some effective ways of getting rid of Japanese knotweed.

1. Cut down the canes –

The Japanese knotweed cannot regrow if you cut from its canes, so it is completely important for you to trim down the canes as many as you can. You should always remember that you have to start cutting the canes once you notice the patches that start to grow on your property. Using loppers, you can cut down the canes as much closer to the ground as possible, then you can remove the cut pieces properly.

2. Apply weed killer –

The weed killer or chemically known as glyphosate is similar to Roundup which can provide you the much-needed help in getting rid of Japanese knotweed by carefully applying it directly to the weeds as it can instantly kill it. However, you should make sure that the chemical is applied directly to the weed because it can kill all of its surrounding vegetation. You can spray the weed killer on to the weed right after you cut down the canes from it. If the knotweed has already starting to invade your garden which comes to the point that you cannot spray the weed killer anymore because you might hit other plants, you can paint it directly to the canes instead of the leaves.

3. Mow the plants regularly –

If you continue to cut the plants through mowing regularly, it will eventually weaken and will die. Mowing is a very effective and cost-saving process in killing the Japanese knotweed. You should mow weekly so that the plant cannot regrow and recover from the damage of being cut down which will result in its death eventually.

4. Reapply weed killer regularly –

Applying the glyphosate once will not kill the Japanese knotweed knowing that this plant is very tough to eliminate that is why you should regularly reapply the weed killer to control the infestation and eventually kills the plant. You can do this by applying the weed killer every month even though the recommended time you can do this is twice a year.

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