Four Things that must be considered during Air Conditioning Installation


The operating efficiency of an air conditioning system is decreased by the efficiency rating and the installation. If it’s poorly installed, efficiency is affected and this is one reason you should hire an AC expert to do the installation. During the project, there are a lot of things that they must consider to ensure that the unit is placed properly in its position and it runs as it should.

What is Important in Air Conditioner Efficiency?

Sizing, ductwork, airflow and refrigerant are vital as they determine the efficiency of your unit. These are the most important areas to consider during installation according to industry standards.

The Ductwork

When the ductwork has issues, the air conditioner loses efficiency of up to 15 percent. The ductwork is the most important thing to consider. Before installing a new unit, the contractor should inspect the ductwork of any leaks and repair where necessary. It should be airtight which is done by use of metal-backed duct tape or in some instances mastic sealant.

The Refrigerant

Manufacturers recommend a specific amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner. If an amount that is too high or too low unlike the given specifications, there will be waste of energy. You will deal with high energy costs and deficient cooling capacity. To avoid this, a contractor will ensure they charge the unit with the right amount of refrigerant.

The Sizing

Before purchasing an air conditioning unit, it’s of prime importance to consider the cooling load of the entire home. The contractor will help you in determining the load and in selecting the appropriate unit. The wrong equipment size leads to loss of efficiency and your home’s cooling demands will not be met. This is also risky as it affects the life span of the unit, there is no proper dehumidifying of air and there will be no comfort.

The Airflow

Inadequate airflow affects the efficiency of a cooling system. As the contractor installs the unit, they adjust the airflow rate to meet what the manufacturer has specified. This will allow the unit to function as it should and meet the cooling requirements of your home.

When sizing, airflow, ductwork and refrigerant are well-factored in during installation, you will not be dealing with wasted energy. The efficiency of your air conditioner is important and when the contractor ensures the perfect of these four things, your equipment will run efficiently.

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