Functions for a home automation


Once we made the design and the domotization strategy, we would have to define what smart home devices we want to include in the system. We show you everything you can do with an intelligent system.

Smart lighting

One of the first things that people automate when technologizing their home is the lights. For this, it is key to know that there are lights with very different functions and technical issues that must be contemplated: there are light bulbs that only need to be connected to operate automatically, but there are some options with more complex installation systems, which merit other considerations.

Another point that we have to define is how many environments we are going to automate- since these focuses are somewhat expensive. It may not make sense to do it in the bathroom or in the kitchen but in the room or at the entrance of the house, to gain security

Heating systems

Having an automated heating system can be a great ally of your well-being. It saves energy and, at the same time, keep warm environments when we need it. For this, there are smart energy meters or regulators that can be connected to any heating mechanism, whether electric, gas or oil.

In addition to using the controls to turn the heating on or off when we are outside, we can use the home automation platform to control the temperature using sensors to determine it.

Security systems

One of the most common smart home devices is the one linked to security. This type of platform allows you to create surveillance schemes, door locks, alarms, and much more. Although the home automation technology installation honolulu hi can be somewhat expensive, it is amortized over the long term, especially in unsafe areas where the risk of theft is greater.

Cooking and Washing

We can make our home a more comfortable place by remotely managing domestic devices and activities. Thanks to technology we can open, close, turn off, turn on or regulate many appliances.

There are coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and washing machines with Wi-Fi that allow the automation of functions. For example, we can connect the coffee maker to the system to turn it on in the morning and find the fresh coffee or turn on the washing machine while we are to not hear the noise. The applications are multiple and within reach of a click.


One of the great achievements of the use of home automation technology is that it facilitates the handling of certain elements of the home to people with disabilities or to older adults with restricted mobility. In addition, it allows us to offer assistance and remote care services, improving the quality of life.


In addition to practical applications, we also find use more related to entertainment. Among the most common examples, we can find fully automated sound systems, intercoms or technologies for automatic reproduction of audiovisual content in the right environment.

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