Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?


A brand-new roof is expensive, but sometimes a necessary thing. To check if your roof has passed its age limits, look for some of the signs. The signs for roof damage are many, each indicating a different problem, but some most definitely suggest that it’s time for a full replacement.

You cannot conclude whether you need a full replacement or simple repair solely by reading articles online. Professional roofing is needed and scheduling a free consultation can cut your worries in half. On-field consultations will shed much more light on the matter.

The Age Limit

Maybe for humans, age isn’t a limitation, but for roofs it surely is. Each material has its own maximum lifespan and when your roof starts reaching it, certain unpleasant things can happen. The material used for shingles can be metal, wood, tile, asphalt, and slate.

Each material has a lifespan, the shortest is asphalt’s, with a maximum of 20 years and the longest is tile, lasting a maximum of a 100. But these number shouldn’t be taken for granted since severe storms, lack of maintenance, poor basement waterproofing, and drainage issues can significantly reduce those numbers. This is why we must check for the signs indicating roof replacement

Nature’s Footprint

The best way to check if your roof needs replacing is by following nature’s footprints or trails. When a certain material has passed its life expectancy, several things may start occurring. First, moss and algae will leave a trail on the shingles. Second, animals and pests will start nesting either in the gutters, the roof or the attic. Third and final, your attic will become filled with mold and rot.

If these things have spread throughout the entire roof, you definitely need a full replacement. But, if they have just begun to show up, maybe you are facing a problem that can be easily fixed. In both cases, nature’s footprints are a sign that something isn’t quite right up there.

Some materials like metal will start to severely dent. This is because the metal is vulnerable to extreme climate conditions and it extracts or contracts when facing one.

Condition of Shingles

Nobody is a fool and if the roof starts to drip, of course, you need a full replacement. But sometimes the signs aren’t that obvious. For instance, only a few shingles can go missing and granules can start appearing in the gutters. So what to do in each scenario and when do you need a full replacement?

If the roof is damaged the shingles can either start to go missing, break, curve or slowly fade away. If only a couple of shingles are damaged, the problem might get fixed with a repair. However, if the same happens suddenly and in large quantities, immediately scheduling an appointment with professional roofing is the smartest way to go.

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