Having Your Home Professionally Inspected for Termites and Termite Damage


When you first settled in Boise, you probably did not think of pest infestation. No homeowner will want to have termites in their home, the risk of having some tends to be high in the spring. This is when termites swarm and look for ample sources of food and find a place to establish new colonies. When the weather warms, these pests will try to edge their way indoors to feast on the structure of your home. Keep reading to know how vulnerable your home is to termite infestations and how to prevent an infestation this spring:

Determining Your Home’s Vulnerability to Termites

Termites feed primarily on cellulose, which is a major component of wood. But, even brick homes are also vulnerable to infestations due to their wood-based structure. Even homes that rest on a concrete block can attract termites since termites can move up through cracks. This means that all homes are at risk of termite infestations and must be protected. 

Some factors increase a home’s vulnerability to termites. These include any direct wood that contacts the soil near your house like stacked firewood as well as posts and stairs embedded near the ground. Termites may also be drawn to your property if there is moisture accumulation near your home’s foundation that could be due to dysfunctional gutters or leaky faucets. Excessive mulch distribution also invites these tiny pests into your property. 

Importance of Regular Termite Inspections

Termites cause serious damage to homes every year and an infestation is not easy to detect. A route termite inspection is important to make sure your home’s foundation is protected from the irreversible damage that these pests may cause. Termites never stop working and you won’t be able to know about the early activity. But, routine inspections will make sure your house is safe and well-maintained. Consider having your home checked at least once every year for termites and termite damage. But, make sure you let the right people to perform the inspections. Take your time checking information on their website first. 

Partnering with a Pest Control Company

Termites tend to move fast and controlling them should be left to professionals. DIY products and inspection guides will not always offer the thorough inspection you need or effectively eliminate any existing issue. The best pest control expert understands the seriousness of an infestation and can fortify your home against termites. By letting them inspect your home for termites, the risk of these pests will never become an issue for you. 

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